Artisanal Printing

  • At Hello!Lucky we offer both affordable flat printing and traditional letterpress printing. While our heart is in everything we create our roots are in letterpress as our business began in 2003 on one vintage Vandercook in Eunice‚Äôs garage. We love the texture and gorgeous tactile feel of letterpress.

  • We use high quality paper for all of our orders. Wondering what the difference is between flat printing and letterpress besides price? Here are some differences explained:

    PRINTING Printing is done on a HP
    Indigo from 2011.
    Printing is done on a Heidelberg
    Windmill from the 1950's.
    TEXTURE Ink lays on the surface of the paper. Ink is pressed into the paper.
    PAPER Textured or smooth paper,
    limited to single-thickness.
    Thick, soft paper to show impression.
    Can use double thick paper for even
    deeper impression.
    INKS Printed using tiny dots
    comprised of Cyan, Magenta,
    Yellow and Black. Matte colors only.
    Printed with inks hand-mixed to
    exact Pantone formulas. Gold, Silver
    or high-gloss foil can be used instead
    of ink to create some bling. Can print
    with no ink for an embossed effect.

    All colors are printed in one print run.

    Each color is printed separately.