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Photo Upload FAQs

What file formats does Hello!Lucky accept for photos?

We accept .jpgs and .png files. All photos must be 200 DPI or higher at their printed size to ensure clear, crisp print quality. DPI, or dots per inch, is the number of dots or pixels of color per inch in a printed document. The higher the DPI, the sharper and more detailed the image. 200 DPI translates to an onscreen pixel size of about 1000 x 1400 pixels for a 5" × 7" printed image. All photos must also be 10 MB or smaller.

How do I upload my photos?
  1. Select the card design you like.
  2. Click the "Personalized Now!" button
  3. Click the "Select Photo" icon in the center of the card design. A photo upload dialogue box will appear.
  4. Click the "Add" button.
  5. Choose a photo from your computer, and click "Upload." A photo editor will open and you will be able to zoom, rotate, or change the color of your photos. Please note that if the design you chose has more than one photo, you will need to click the "Select Photo" icon (Step 3, above) once for each photo.

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I'm getting a message that my photos don't meet the minimum requirements. What should I do?

This may be because your photo is too small. Your photo should be 200 DPI (dots per inch of a printed image) or higher and the appropriate digital pixel size. The digital pixel size will depend on the printed size of your photo as well as the resolution setting of your camera A 5" × 7" photo at 200 DPI should measure about 1000 × 1400 pixels. To calculate the appropriate pixel size, use this formula: Pixel size = DPI * Printed size. So, a photo that is 5" tall when printed and 300 DPI should be about 5 * 300 = 1500 pixels tall onscreen.

Photos that are lower than 200 DPI may look grainy or pixilated when printed. To avoid this, make sure your camera resolution is set to at least 4 megapixels and frame your subjects as you would like them to appear on the card. Try to avoid extensive cropping and retouching as this can reduce image quality.

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How do I determine whether my photo is the correct resolution?

Import your photo into a photo editing program, such as iPhoto or Photoshop. Typically, the program will tell you the pixel size of the photo you select, and may also tell you the DPI. See Question 3, above, for more information about determining whether the pixel size is sufficient to ensure the best print quality.

Note that photos downloaded off the web via a screen shot or photo sharing program are often too low-resolution to print clearly. A quick way to check is to look at the file size – images that are less than about 500 K – 1 MB are generally too small for print.

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Will you edit or adjust my photo?

Yes. Our designers will adjust your photo to ensure optimal printing, including removing red eye and checking color calibration and contrast. Our online photo editing tool also allows you to crop and rotate your photo, as well as adjust the color to either full color, sepia or black and white.

The only adjustments we cannot accommodate are detailed manipulations of photos, such as changing the background color, removing blemishes or stains, and the like. Our designers simply can't guarantee that the results will look natural and match your expectations. If you have questions about whether your request falls in this category, please ask your custom stationery consultant, or contact us.

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I haven't decided on my photo yet. Can I place my order and send you the photo later?

Unfortunately, you must upload a photo in order to complete the ordering process. If you are undecided, simply upload a placeholder photo and note in the Special Instructions box that you will be sending an update photo later. Then, e-mail your photo, referencing your order number in the subject line, to info@hellolucky.com when you are ready. Once we receive your order, we will create an initial proof with the placeholder photo, and will add the photo in your next proof. (Please note that two free rounds of proofs are included with each order; subsequent proofs are $10 per round).

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I can't decide which photo to choose. Can I see a proof with more than version of my card, using different photos?

Yes. Please make a note in the Special Instructions box if you would like to see an additional proof with a different photo. Then, e-mail the second photo to info@hellolucky.com, referencing your order number in the subject line. (Please note that two free rounds of proofs are included with each order; subsequent proofs are $10 per round. A proof with a second photo counts towards this limit, therefore any further revisions to either version of the card will be $10 per proof).

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Can I change my photo after I have received a proof?

On seeing your .pdf proof, you can make adjustments to the photo, or submit a brand new photo. Simply e-mail your design consultant with explicit instructions for cropping or editing, and/or your new photo, and we will send you a new proof. (Please note that two free rounds of proofs are included with each order; subsequent proofs are $10 per round).

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I'm concerned about how my photo will look printed. How can I make sure it matches what I expect?

Our designers will adjust your photo to ensure optimal print output. That said, please note that the photo may not look exactly as it does on your screen or when printed on a home printer. Because computer screens are backlit and monitor colors may vary, a printed photo tends to look slightly darker than it does on screen. In addition, we use matte, not glossy, cardstock, which may result in more muted colors.

To ensure that your photo matches your desired output, you may request a hard copy proof. This proof is an exact replica of your printed card. The cost of this service is $50 plus shipping. On receiving your .pdf proof, please let your design consultant know if you would also like a hard copy proof.

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Is there anything else I should know before I upload my photo?
  • Our photos are printed on 130 lb matte recycled cardstock or 100% cotton cardstock, not glossy cardstock. The cardstock has a luxurious texture and also prints photos beautifully.
  • On cards where the photo bleeds to the edge of the design (e.g. is not surrounded by a border or frame), the photo maybe cropped by about 1/8".
  • The quality of the printed photo is only as good as the photo you upload. To ensure the best photo:
    • Take your photo in natural light.
    • Set your camera's resolution to at least 4 megapixels.
    • Frame your subjects in your camera lens as close as possible to how you would like them to appear on the card. A vertical photo typically works best with a vertical card; a horizontal photo typically works best with a horizontal card.
    • Close-ups (showing the head and torso, for example) may be more compelling than full-body shots since you can see the subjects more clearly.

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How many photos can I upload?

You may upload a maximum of 5 photos per card. To remove photos once you've reached this limit, click on the "Add/Delete" button in lower right corner of the photo editor and select the "Remove photo" box next to the photo you wish to remove.

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How long will you store my photos?

We will store your photos for 30 days. Thereafter, they will be deleted.

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How do I find the photos that I uploaded?

To save your photos, you must first save the product you are working on to your Wish List. To view them at a later time, simply click on that item in your Wish List, and then click the "Select Photo" button in the photo area of the design. Your photos will appear in the area at the bottom the photo editor.

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What is the maximum photo size you accept?

10 MB.

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