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Letterpress Holiday Card

At Hello!Lucky, our letterpress holiday cards make it easy to leave a lasting impression (pun intended) on loved ones. Say goodbye to emails and texts—when you want to send the warmest of holiday wishes, only letterpress holiday cards will wow your receivers. As a step and a half above standard digital printing, letterpress printing generally offers more depth, vintage fashion, and incredible detail. Our letterpress holiday cards are impressive festive greetings that your loved ones are sure to cherish much longer than the lifespan of an average holiday card. Printed by hand on a vintage press, using 100% recycled paper, from spunky monkeys to dancing dreidels, there’s a fun and witty design for every character in your clan. You can feel the design details with your fingers. Consider bringing a colorful selection of letterpress holiday cards as a classy gift for a holiday host/hostess!