How to Address Your Invitations

How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

Not quite sure how to assemble your wedding invitations? Our handy guide shows you the general way invitations are assembled, or get creative and make your own style! Browse our selection of unique designs here at Hello!Lucky, personalize the design, then assemble the invitation in your preferred way. Have any other questions? Contact us for more information!

While you are welcome to use creative license when deciding how to present your invitations, you should be aware of the following traditional rules of thumb:

  • Invitation and enclosures are placed in the envelope so that they are facing right-side up when pulled out with your right hand.
  • The enclosures are stacked from largest to smallest, with the RSVP set placed on top of the invitation. If there are two cards of the same size (e.g. the invitation and a map or directions card), place the more important card on top.
  • The RSVP card is tucked under the flap of the self-addressed, stamped RSVP envelope, not placed inside of it. Remember, no postage is needed for RSVP cards that will be mailed back to you from out of the country.
  • Number your RSVP cards lightly in pencil on the back side, and match these numbers up to your guest list. This way, if a guest accidentally omits his/her name or that of a guest, you can follow up appropriately.
  • Use an envelope moistener with adhesive to seal your envelopes securely. This is an especially good idea if you are using a thick cardstock or have 3-dimensional elements to your invitation, such as buttons or ribbon.
  • Remember that invitations with a 3-dimensional component and square invitations are subject to a non-machinable surcharge. Check with your post office for rates.