Wedding Reception Q & A: Guest Book Alternatives

Should I have a guest book? What are some creative alternatives?

A guest book is a wonderful idea-it creates a lasting memento of who attended your wedding, and lets them share in your happiness by writing a note or well-wish. That said, a simple guest registry book can be kind of uninspiring for guests. Here are some of our favorite creative guest book ideas:

  • Thumbprint guest book. We love this guest book from Etsy seller Bleu de Toi. Guests each add their thumbprint and it creates a fun, tasteful lasting keepsake.
  • Silhouette guest book. Similar to the thumbprint idea, you provide a silhouette of the bride and groom's head and shoulders on a sheet of paper. Have guests write messages and encourage them to fill the entire silhouette (It's okay if some messages go outside the lines). After the wedding, frame the images in a black matte that is cut out in the silhouette shape, about _” smaller than the original silhouette. Some of the guests' messages will get cut off but it will create a more pleasing graphic effect.
  • Typewriter. Put slips of paper into a vintage typewriter (new typewriter ribbon is still available from specialty stationers, amazingly enough!). Let guests type their own message to you.
  • Photo booth. If you're having a photo booth at your wedding, provide a book with blank pages and photo corners so that guests can paste in a photo of themselves and write a corresponding note. If you're using black pages, remember to get white gel pens so that writing shows up.
  • Wishing Wall. We love this cardboard honeycomb wish wall by the now-defunct Cardboard Design. But it would be pretty easy to replicate in a DIY fashion.
  • Mini-journals. Take a set of mini-journals (like these from Moleskine) and print a label for the cover of each with a provocative question (e.g. Where should we travel together? What should we do on our first anniversary? What should we name our children?)