DIY Halloween Costumes
Nov 1, 2010


Happy Monday after Halloween, all!  We had quite the DIY extravaganza, with costumes inspired by Eunice & Sabrina’s babies!  Eunice crafted a unicorn head, with hubby Daniel as a leprechaun and their son as a pot of gold, and a fabulous rainbow banner.


The  pot o’ gold look was achieved with a gold lamé skull cap adorned with chocolate coin wrappers, and a plastic cauldron dissected and attached to a baby bjorn (with duct tape!).


With new twins, Sabrina didn’t have time to DIY all the costumes, just her own – a banana tree!


The leaves were crafted with felt, using wire hangers for structure and attached to a fez-like hat made of  fabric-covered cardboard.  Tricky?  Yes. But definitely a treat! Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!

  1. OMG. You guys take the cake. So friggin cute! Fer real!

    Posted by Corie on
  2. This is crazy pants cuteness to the extreme.

    Posted by Erika on
  3. This is hilarious! I LOVE the monkey outfits, they’re so cute. And the mummy as the banana tree is the cherry on the cake. Looks like you had so much fun!

    Posted by Julie on
  4. You guys are too much! This is crazy cute!

    Posted by Viola on
  5. Simply the BEST…. most creative and adorable !!!!

    Posted by lisa on
  6. Over-the-top adorable!!! Halloween is my fav holiday :)

    Posted by Mary on

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