Studio Snapshots
Feb 14, 2012

We admit it, one of our latest obsessions is Instagram. We’re having a lot of fun taking little breaks in our day and posting some studio shots to this highly addictive app. Do you use Instagram? We’d love to see what you’re posting so follow us or tell us your account name in the comments! We’re @helloluckycards – nice and simple!

Eunice at work designing a custom wedding invite.

Rainy day gear.

James at the press.

We’re anxiously awaiting the android version so more of our friends and studio mates can join in on the fun.

  1. Yes, I’m obsessed too. Will follow you! My IG name is rachpix.

    Posted by Rachel on
  2. LOVE instagram! I post as dropandanchor, hope you check it out!

    Posted by Melissa on

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