Lucky Friday # 66 Retro Garden
May 25, 2012

Hello all you lucky folks out there! This is the 66th edition of our Lucky Friday Giveaway.  Each Friday we feature one of our letterpress greeting cards. We’ll choose THREE LUCKY WINNERS to get a free card.  Post a comment by 12 p.m. PST the following Thursday, and we’ll announce the winners on the following Friday!

The winners from last week are (drum roll, please): Justine, Priscilla and Mary E Leach! We’ll contact you next week to arrange sending your Sick Monkey card.

Design: Retro Garden
Artist: Sarah Labieniec
Inspiration: We bet your grandma had wallpaper like that in her mid-century modern bungalow. We want a couch with that print. Pretty please and thank you.
Who to send it to: Your peony-loving Paw-Paw or your retro rockin’ great aunt Rachel.
Favorite detail: Been craving some cool crosshatching these days.
Why letterpress? Because that’s how it was done when your Paw-Paw and great aunt Rachel had that fab furniture, wild wallpaper, and perfect peonies.

Don’t forget to post your comment and tune in next week, same time, different stationery, to see if you’ve won!


  1. Brings back memories of tea cozies, toaster covers and fresh cookies on a formica countertop! Well done, Hello!Lucky! This would be beautiful accompaniment to a Fiesta platter full of cookies for a favorite teacher, a new neighbor, or an old friend.

    Posted by Angela Taraskiewicz on
  2. This is one of the prettiest cards “floral” time… wish I could make it a wallpaper!

    Posted by Nicky on
  3. Very Anthropologie! Love the phrase “thinking of you” too because it’s so versatile…you can send it to anyone~

    Posted by Phoebe on
  4. This is a seriously beautiful card! I would love to win!

    Posted by Ann on
  5. Beautiful!!! Whomever receives this card will be thinking about it for a long, long time.

    Posted by Christine Power on
  6. This card is a 1000% more beautiful than any wallpaper my grandmother EVER had!

    Posted by Meg on
  7. So elegant… =) “Thinking of you” is my favorite phrase, is so sweet when someone tell you that with no reason

    Posted by Ana Laura de Romero on
  8. Awesome card, awesome colors.

    Posted by Karen B. on
  9. Love, Love, Love it!!!

    Posted by Amy Wingate on
  10. Definitely digging the crosshatch! Love that detail.

    Posted by Jen on
  11. Beautiful design!!

    Posted by Sara P. on
  12. yay! how exciting :)

    love the designs on this one too!

    Posted by Priscilla on
  13. Don’t judge me, but i’d send it to my gf…!

    Posted by Christopher on
  14. This is such an elegant card. Love the color palette!

    Posted by katie J on
  15. Oooooh–pretty!

    Posted by Linda on
  16. what a lovely card to send randomly to someone to brighten their day. i like the crosshatch texture in the leaves, cute!

    Posted by Lisa on
  17. Oh, I love the mid-century colors – they’re spot-on!

    Posted by Wehaf on

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