April is National Card & Letter Writing Month!
Apr 2, 2013

We’ll take any reason to celebrate writing letters and sending cards the old fashioned way. So when we found out April was National Card & Letter Writing month we thought we should spread the word and celebrate all month long. We’ll be giving away a card every day this month, either here on our blog, or over at our FacebookPinterestTwitter, or Google+ pages. Be sure to follow us in all of those places so you can enter to win. And feel free to enter as many times as you like!

Here’s to good old fashioned letter writing and keeping the USPS in business with lots of letters to deliver! Spread the word and write your loved ones and friends lots of letters this month.

And don’t forget to check out our wide range of all occasion letterpress cards on our website here.

  1. Love all your cards.

    Posted by Ana Marcela Herrera on
  2. love the vintage style!

    Posted by tessa on
  3. Your cards are awesome! Sometimes it’s hard to give a card away just because I want to keep the artwork.

    Posted by Viv on
  4. A whole month of sending cards to loved ones! What a great reason to buy/win beautiful letterpress cards.

    Posted by Sabrena on
  5. Thanks for sharing this information and another awesome possibility to win your luscious cards… You are truly a “peach,” or should I say “peaches!”

    Posted by Susie M. on
  6. I’m trying to send more snail mail in 2013! Hello!Lucky’s unique designs definitely inspire me to write more cards!

    Posted by Diana D on
  7. The Hello Lucky cards are indeed difficult to part with. I have tried to participate in a renewal of the “art” of written correspondence. It is so much more lasting than something sent electronically, and there is tactile pleasure to be derived for the recipients from thumbing through beautifully created correspondence. Thanks for your part in the revival!

    Posted by Linda on
  8. love love love all of your cards! Writing and creating a letter is a lost art. There is nothing better than receiving( and sending) a snail mail card! I love everything you all have designed! If you are ever in the market for a new artist, please contact me! Hello Lucky Rocks!

    Posted by Mary Nell Jackson on
  9. [...] lovely ladies over at Hello Lucky alerted me to this annual celebration when they mentioned it on their blog. I had never heard of [...]

    Posted by National Card and Letter Writing Month | she's creative on
  10. I’m a card person as well ~ love your cards! So happy that you are promoting National Card and Letter Writing Month!

    Posted by The Presents of Presence on

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