Hot off the press: Circus Cards!
Apr 18, 2013

We’re gearing up for the National Stationery Show in May which means our printer is busy at work cranking out all of our new letterpress card designs. We’ll be launching around 50 new cards this May and we haven’t been this excited for a new release in a long time. One of the things that makes this release so special is the fact that we’re now able to incorporate gold foil in our cards. We can’t wait for that sparkly release.

This year we also expanded some of our favorite existing lines. Expect to finally see more sock monkeys! Another line we’ve been itching to grow is our vintage circus series. You can see the first card hand drawn by Eunice here.

We’re adding 5 more cards to the circus series and you’re the very first to see all 5 of the new designs. One of the things that makes these cards so special is that each one is hand drawn by our founder and creative director Eunice Moyle. We had so much fun coming up with the ideas you see illustrated on these cards. And our printer did an amazing job letterpressing these beauties.

We hope they’re as well received in the rest of the world as they are in our studio.

Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment telling us which one and one lucky commenter will win all 5 – before anyone else can get their hands on them!

Look for these cards in stores and on our site in mid-May.  

Winner picked and announced here

  1. Have a spectacular birthday is my favorite! Love the bear on the unicycle…

    Posted by leia on
  2. I just love these: o light-hearted and such bold graphics! I do tire of saccharine greetings (this especially so with Mother’s Day on the horizon). Thanks for providing an energetic alternative to the status quo!

    Posted by Angela on
  3. I’m bedazzled by all of these wonderful cards, but I especially love the elephant! He is so adorable and reminds me of an era gone by!

    Posted by Stacey Troilo on
  4. Oh, I was supposed to pick a favorite. It’s gotta be “You’re on fire!” En Fuego greetings to the masses! :)

    Posted by Angela on
  5. It’s hard to choose them all since they’re so cute and bright, but I really like the “You’re on fire!” as that first caught me eye!

    Posted by Jana on
  6. These are all beautiful!! My favorite is “You’re on Fire!”, but as a bride-to-be I love the “Amazing Couple” and the “Thanks a Ton” as well. I should totally get a few for some special thank you notes for wedding helpers :)

    Posted by Lauren Bowles on
  7. I love the You’re on Fire card!

    Posted by Sara P. on
  8. They are all marvelous! I love the unicycling bears and mouse (how festive), but the “Thanks – right on target” is certainly an eye-catcher. I think I most love the “Congratulations to An Amazing Couple” for the deeper connection to the metaphor of marriage having the potential to be a three ring circus!

    All of these are truly brilliant and so rich in texture and color! Great job!

    Posted by Linda on
  9. My fave is the pink and blue “Have a spectacular Birthday.” Loving the neon pop!

    Posted by Sabrena on
  10. I definitely will “have a spectacular birthday” — now that I know these cards come out in May! I have no shame in getting myself a b-day card now — and probably the rest of the collection :D

    Posted by Jessica on
  11. I love the thanks a ton card!

    Posted by Ana Alfaro on
  12. I loove the one with the elephant.

    Posted by Ana Marcela Herrera on
  13. I love love the “You’re on fire!” card.

    Posted by Ana Elsie Castro on
  14. My favorite is the “Have a spectacular Birthday” card, so awesome!

    Posted by Marcial Herrera on
  15. My favorite is the one with the bear on the unicycle.

    Posted by Elsie Herrera on
  16. love the bear on the unicycle! But they are all so cute.

    Posted by tessa on
  17. They’re all awesome but the elephant card is my favourite.

    Posted by Viv on
  18. These are AMAZING!! If I had to choose a favorite I’d pick the birthday card. I love sending (and receiving) a birthday card and the colors on this one are fab! Great work!!

    Posted by Tasha on
  19. I LOVE all of them, but the elephant one is great!

    Posted by Karrie on
  20. The pink and blue Spectacular Birthday card made me happy. And it’s not even my birthday ;)

    Posted by Kelly on
  21. What a generous giveaway!

    I really like the on target one and the couple one. I think the couple one would be really unique to give as an anniversary or even wedding card.

    Posted by Lisa on
  22. Love them all, but if I had to choose one it would be the elephant “thanks a ton” card. My daughters favorite “lovey” is a pink elephant so it makes me think of her. I am also a big fan of the 1930′s carnival/sideshow era. Well done ladies!

    Posted by Selena on
  23. I love the elephant design.

    Posted by Lea Anna on
  24. Love them all!!! Especially “You’re on Fire!”

    Posted by Emily on
  25. They are all so cute but my favorite is the elephant one!

    Posted by Erin on
  26. I love the fire-eaters one! Those curly chest hairs crack me up.

    Posted by Wehaf on
  27. I like the wedding one!

    Posted by Briana Dee on
  28. The “You’re on Fire” card definitely “sparks” my interest!! ; ) (sorry!) I love the use of harlequin pattern.

    Posted by Mary on
  29. I love the “Have a Spectacular Birthday” one, though all of them are pretty terrific. I love the animals on the unicycles and the woman’s bright peacock costume. I can’t wait to see all of the new cards in May! :)

    Posted by Anna Marie on
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    Posted by And the winner is…. | Hello!Lucky Blog on
  31. I love the “Right on Target” card! the fine detail in all of the cards is wonderful. They are exceptionally beautiful but also such fun!
    I’m totally inspired to have a circus themed party, just have to wait for an excuse!

    Posted by Heidi Burrell on
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    Posted by Quick Picks : 4.25.13 | Paper Crave on
  33. Love the one’you are on fire’. All the cards is Wonderful!

    Posted by Danyun on

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