Win 50 Custom Holiday Photo Cards!
Oct 23, 2013

Sabrina and her family had a great photo shoot with Sarah at Modern Kids Co last weekend — now they need to pick their holiday card. Can you help? Tell us your favorite in a comment below and we’ll pick one person at random to receive 50 FREE custom holiday cards (value of $96).

We love working with Sarah because she’s an amazing photographer and specializes in kids (she’s a former nanny!) and puts everyone at ease. She’s able to capture beautiful candid shots from the chaos of family life (she also shot our neon birthday party a couple years back!)

Option 1- Holiday Boughs
Option 2- Mid-century Doves
Option 3- Joyeaux Wreath
Option 4- Merry Christmas Stripes
Option 5- Confetti
Option 6- Give Thanks
Option 7-
Confetti Snow
Option 8- Papercut
Option 9- Peace, Love Happiness

Which one is your favorite? All you have to do is post below to be in the running for 50 FREE personalized holiday cards!

  1. All so cute!! Especially love the confetti snow.

    Posted by Lisa on
  2. #7 Confetti Snow! So fun – love the design!

    Posted by Katie on
  3. I love option 7…it fits their vibrant family!

    Posted by Misty on
  4. Love confetti snow and papercut! great shoot, too. Go Sarah!

    Posted by Leslie Fabello on
  5. Option 3!

    Posted by Aly L on
  6. I love Option 3, the Joyeaux Wreath!

    Posted by katie n on
  7. My favorite is the Papercut #8. Love the Rob Ryan inspired desired and subtle colours.

    Posted by Sabrena on
  8. My favorite is the “Give Thanks and Be Joyful.” Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    Posted by Jess Z on
  9. My favorite is the confetti!

    Posted by Elizabeth S. on
  10. Option #9, Peace, Love and Happiness is my favorite! Love the hand lettered look!

    Posted by Dawn Pfeiffer on
  11. Im torn between 1 and 8 but I think 8 Papercut wins it! Awesome giveaway! Thanks

    Posted by Shelly on
  12. Merry Christmas stripes!

    Posted by Mirabelle on
  13. Such cute pictures! I love option #1!

    Posted by Marlys on
  14. Love the papercut!!!!

    Posted by Jessie on
  15. Love the Confetti Snow! So cute!

    Posted by Christopher on
  16. love, love, love the Papercut #8! and Give Thanks is amazing as well.

    Posted by tamara on
  17. I love option #2, I think the color scheme is great and the card itself isn’t too busy!

    Posted by Caroline on
  18. They are all so adorable! My picks in this order: #7, 3 and 6

    Posted by Eunice Moon on
  19. What a tough choice…but confetti show all the way! It’s minimal, but bright and whimsical. Also love the candid shots and extras with the kids.

    Posted by Phoebe on
  20. Option 6 seem to stand out the most (:

    Posted by Tian on
  21. Tough choice, finally we decided Option 3 – Joyeaux Wreath is our favorite ! :) )

    Posted by Joe&Emily Moyle on
  22. The photo choices are lovely. My favorite is option 7. So pretty and festive!

    Posted by Reagan C on
  23. Love the simplicity and elegance of the Confetti Snow design. They are all fantastic though!! Great work!

    Posted by Emily on
  24. I love Option 8 – the papercut. Very unique and I love how the touch of red works with the red door in the picture. They are all beautiful!

    Posted by Sarah M. on
  25. Love Option 1-Holiday Boughs. It just captures the essence of the family.

    Posted by Kris Lue on
  26. I’m going with option #3. It’s just a very classic and timeless look.

    Posted by Rachael on
  27. Option #3! Captures their joy in such a beautiful way!

    Posted by Jocelyn on
  28. I love Option 3, the Joyeaux Wreath! Perfect for my sister and me to send out to friends and fam!

    Posted by katie n on
  29. oops! you can delete my repeated comment — I did see my original one up!

    Posted by katie n on
  30. The one that says Joyeux Noël, with the polka dots (#3) is cute and classy!

    Posted by Emilie on
  31. I think the last one…

    Posted by Sarah Shotts on
  32. I like Confetti Snow

    Posted by rena on
  33. Number 9, a perfect sentiment for any time of the year and I am a fan of this type of lettering.

    Posted by Susie M. on
  34. #5 confetti (maybe with happy holidays sentiment) and #7 confetti snow are my faves!!

    Posted by gyoza*girl on
  35. Peace, Love, Happiness — I love the hand-lettered look… that isn’t on chalkboard for a nice change!

    Posted by Bonnie M on
  36. Joyeux Noel is my favorite!

    Posted by hannah on
  37. Love option 8 papercut. Beautiful photos and cards :)

    Posted by Kim on
  38. #3 is my favorite – I love the B & W!

    Posted by Linda on
  39. ooh, I love the confetti snow! so adorably modern, and not TOO christmas-y – perfect!

    Posted by Jillian on
  40. Ooo. Seven or one.


    (Such a cute little family!)

    Posted by Christina on
  41. I like the confetti card.

    Posted by Elizabeth N. on
  42. I’d love to win option #5… the confetti is so bright and fun!

    Posted by Alyssa on
  43. I love number 8, the paper cut design.

    Posted by Joy Ryan on
  44. #9 for the art design and family photo!

    Posted by May on
  45. Option 2- Mid-century Doves. Love it & the family photo together.

    Posted by anna on
  46. Hannah, you’re our winner! We will email you details, so be sure to look out for that!

    Posted by Sabrina on
  47. Thank you all so much for participating, we have chosen our winner! Stay tuned for our next giveaway!

    Posted by Sabrina on
  48. I love the Confetti Snow! So simple, yet very festive.

    Posted by Stephanie on

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