Mission Main Street Grant

Chase bank is dishing out 20 grants for $150k to small businesses. Help us get the 250 votes we need in order to qualify! All you need is a facebook account in order to vote (your vote will not be posted on your facebook page unless you want it to). It only takes a second, but we will be forever grateful! Visit the link here to vote for us for the $150k Mission Main St. Grant. Thanks for all your support!

Find out more about the grants here.

Playful- Fun projects for kids!

We just got our copy of Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids in the mail and we couldn't be more excited! Playful features fun & easy craft projects with step x step directions & templates (and not to mention beautiful imagery to go by!). 

The book was just released on Amazon and we were thrilled to contribute a little something to the launch party grab bags! The party is next Tuesday the 23rd in Provo, UT if you can make it! We love the industry we are in so supporting our fellow paper & craft enthusiasts is something we hold dear to our hearts!

If you are looking for new ways to be creative at home then Merrilee Liddiard of Mer Mag's new book is a must have! Find it on Amazon here.

Be sure to check out the beautiful trailer she created with Jenner Brown below to get a feel for the book!

photo by Hello!Lucky

photo by Hello!Lucky

Film Trailer by Jenner Brown.

Fall Wallpaper Downloads!

We scoured the Internet for a pretty desktop and iPhone download but couldn't quite find what we were looking for- so we set out to create our own. With fall in mind we immediately thought of seasonal veggies to adorn our laptop & iPhone screens! Find the free downloads below.

Hello!Lucky desktop download

Hello!Lucky iphone lock screen download

Hello!Lucky iphone home screen download

*Made by Hello!Lucky for personal use only.

DIY Inspiration: Jess Brown Rag Dolls & Flea Market Sourcing

We just got our mitts on Jess Brown's lovely new book The Making of a Rag Doll and are completely obsessed!

The book is a guide to making your very own Jess Brown rag doll, including wardrobe elements (tiny tote bag, anyone?) and everything from insight into how she works with textiles to tea dying fabrics.  The possibilities are endless!

One of the most inspiring chapters in the book talks about using fabrics cut from vintage clothing found at places like the flea market (or from sweaters that accidentally got tossed in the dryer and ruined - genius!), so we immediately high-tailed it to the Alameda Flea Market with an eye towards materials for making our very own heirloom dolls...loving this Indian block print; and what doll couldn't benefit from a little sequins?

Cotton threads for detailing tiny quilts and pretty flannels waiting to be turned into miniature coats...

Rolls of sackcloth- A great foundation for your doll...

Pretty vintage florals and stripes and a bright array of Indian textiles...

And, of course, the flea is always great for any number of perfectly worn bits and bobs for which there surely must serve a purpose...

Doll suitcases? Or possibly a cross body purse?

Lovely millinery sugared fruit...

And a great resource for other project ideas - Jess Brown based a lot of her doll clothing patterns on old doll clothes she found at flea markets - how fun would it be to whip up some animal puppets?  We'd love to hear your thoughts & ideas!

Gelly Roll Giveaway

Gelly Roll pens have held the key to our hearts since scribbling unicorns in Lisa Frank journals. Little has changed since then except now Gelly Roll offers a plethora of pens in all of the colors of the sparkly rainbow. They are now celebrating their 30th Birthday, and during this exciting time of Gelly technology we, alongside our pals at Egg Press, have been invited to join them for a giveaway!

July’s prize-  P I N K

July’s prize- P I N K

The giveaway will take place from now until 2015. Each month 10 winners will be chosen to collect the prize package of the month (In this case pink) which includes 6 letterpress cards by Hello!Lucky & Egg Press, and 6 Gelly Roll pens. A grand prize winner will also be chosen each month to collect the ultimate package including 74 Gelly Roll pens and 12 letterpress cards. That’s 66 chances to win!

In order to enter all you must do is post an original photo on instagram or facebook including gelly roll pens & your own artwork/ hand lettering and tag #gellyroll30. Winners will be announced at the end of each month. Find out more here.

*Please be sure to turn your privacy settings off so we can see your posts!

Happy Birthday Sakura! Let’s get the ball rolling!

Free Father's Day Printables

Father's Day is coming up this weekend and we have the perfect printables to customize your gift! Get him a pack of socks, a 6 pack of his favorite beer, or a nice bottle of wine and throw on our free printable to make it extra special- PDF's linked below. We suggest white cardstock for the sock printables and white sticker paper for the labels.

*quick tip: you can always use double stick tape in place of sticker paper!

Postable introduces Hello!Lucky wedding stationery!

We are thrilled to announce that our wedding suites will soon be available through Postable! They have such a wonderful collection of cards to choose from, and they even offer customization all the way to stamping and sending your cards out for you! This is what you've always been waiting for. Writing thank you cards has never been so easy! Check them out!

Eggs so cute you could eat them up.

We were cracking ourselves up at the act of dressing eggs in more than just sriracha & salt. We wrapped them in yarn & washi tape, and fabricated tiny hats & bows, because bunnies can't socialize unless adorned in whimsical garb, obviously.

Share your bunny eggs with us on Instagram using #hellofunnybunny, we would love to see what you come up with!

Inspired by the animal envelopes by Mer Mag Blog.

Custom Business Card and a Sneak Peek!


I have a super amazing nanny, Beny, who is literally the French Mary Poppins (as seen here with a couple of fairy charges) and recently whipped up a fun business card for her French immersion camp. The art was pulled from our spiffy new Kids Love Candy valentines card that will be released next year - here's a little sneak peek!  One of many exciting new valentines we have up our sleeve. Can't wait to reveal them all!

Family Photo Shoot with Leah McCormick

Photography by Leah McCormick Just before Imogen was born, we were lucky enough to squeeze in a family photo shoot with the AMAZING Leah McCormick...

photography by Leah McCormick

We just got the photos back this week, and I couldn't resist sharing them - Leah did such a fabulous job capturing our family (and all accompanying silliness)...

Photography by Leah McCormick

The shoot was so relaxed and fun that even my husband Daniel, who is usually a bit grumbly about being made to participate in such shenanigans, had a great time - and was super pleased with the results...

Photography by Leah McCormick

Love her sense of composition and the way she captures light and color!

Photography by Leah McCormick

Photography by Leah McCormick


You would never guess that I was  incredibly exhausted and quite whale-ish at the time!


Leah does beautiful wedding photography as well - check out her work at www.byleah.com!

Eunice's Custom Made Potty Training Chart

Trying to convince Jude to use the toilet was NOT an easy sell and one of the few times in my child-rearing experience so far that I've really, really wished I could pay someone any amount of money to do it so I could completely avoid having to deal. I poked around online and discovered that everything available seemed to have about as much flair as a corporate power point, so I whipped up this chart with examples of animals joyfully peeing and pooping (some have better aim than others) with a bit of foam core, a sharpie and some highlighters.
Hilariously, he immediately got it - it helps that he is absolutely obsessed with animals - and was super excited to imitate the animals on the board,. Now that sucker is covered with stickers and he hasn't screamed "GIVE ME A DIAPER!!!" in three weeks! (Small miracles!)

Summer in France...

We're just back from a super amazing vacation in France - one week at this gorgeous little beach house in the town of Montalivet on the Atlantic coast, where Jude and his friend Hugo spent the week playing in the sand and sun and generally getting up to tons of hilarious 3 year old shenanigans.  There is nothing more relaxing on a family vacation than kids that are happily occupied!

At Plage du Pin Sec - endless miles of beach, shells to poke, surfers to watch...

Much time was spent doing absolutely nothing...

Or doing really important stuff like coaxing snails out of their shells...

We took the ferry to Royan to visit the Zoo de la Palmyre (completely amazing - the animals are close enough to touch in many cases - quite a different experience from the average American zoo), reading books before long afternoon naps, our bedroom window at the beach house (above which were roosting a family of doves - there's nothing quite like a late afternoon nap with the breeze in the curtains and the sounds cooing doves in the background)...

A brief pause in Bordeaux on our way to catch the train the Paris...the fountain at Place des Quinconces...

Oh how I LOVE Paris - every time we go, it just blows me away all over again.

The night before we got on the train to France, I told Jude (grooming him to be on my side for future campaigns for more French vacations) that we were going to spend a whole week eating gateaux, glace, fromage and croissants - he couldn't sleep he was so excited - and we did.  Macarons galore, chocolate every day! Vacation rules dictate that is is perfectly okay to have éclairs for lunch - who can resist a display like this after all?

Visited the Dynamo exhibit at Le Grand Palais - a pretty fabulous exhibit of notions of space, vision and light run through the abstract art of the 20th century which involved a lot fun of kinetic, op and light-based art which was a big hit with the toddler set. Here Jude enjoys a pretty remarkable installation piece that blurs the line between two and three dimensions.

Other highlights included the Galerie d'evolution in le Jardin des Plantes - literally like stepping into a cabinet of curiosities, hitting le Marais for the annual sales (held twice a year in January and July), le Musée de la chasse et de la nature (one of my all time favorite museums in the world), the carousel at Jardin du Luxembourg, and taking the Batobus down the Seine to get home one afternoon (touristy stigma aside, it was turned out to be a great way to get home after slogging all over Paris in the sun and Jude loved the boat ride.)

This adorable map from Herb Lester - Paris en Famille - a little guide to kid friendly places to check out in Paris, came in handy and had some great suggestions.

Jude's Picks: Favorite Apps

Last week I shared some of Jude's favorite books and movies and this week I thought it would be fun to share some of the apps he's been enjoying. Crazy that a toddler would have favorite apps, I know! But it's a brave new world! I appreciate these apps for their educational qualities, he's pretty eager to learn when he has that ipad in his hands.

The peeps at Toca Boca make some of our favorite apps, but Toca Doctor is probably the top choice these days (bug squishing! Burping! Farting! and all kinds of other hilarity). This app actually helped me convince Jude that brushing his teeth is cool and fun and not simply a horrific exercise in torture - I stand behind anything that can help me explain oral hygiene to a toddler!

Not that Jude would ever get the iPad right before bed (hello, cracked out temper tantrum), but this Nighty Night is darling (and in several different languages - it's always tricky to find great apps in French, so this is a big plus in my book). You turn out the light and say good night to each animal on the farm and watch them settle down for the night - the illustrations are adorable and it's full of amusing details.

Another beautifully designed app with great illustrations, Tam & Tao in Numberland is a very popular choice with Mr. Jude. Full of fun puzzles, coloring and counting games, and cool, dimensional animations.

As always let me know if you have any fun app suggestions for kids! I love hearing about new ones.


Jude's Picks: Reads, Tunes & Films

As a parent to a very active three year old I am always on the look out for great reads, apps, and music that will keep him entertained. I also love sharing what Jude is currently getting excited about. So here's the most recent installment of Jude's Picks...

Creature by Andrew Zuckerman is a great alphabet book filled with gorgeous rich photos. Jude is currently totally nuts for animals and this book from Chronicle is one of his latest faves.

One of my favorite books when I was a kid, Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever (Le Grand Livre des Mots is the French/English edition which you can get here ) is filled with all kinds of fantastic vocabulary words accompanied by Richard Scarry's classic animal characters. Be warned it includes a few questionable choices - I wonder, does the little pig really, really, dream of growing up to be a butcher?

Dancing around the kitchen with Dad is still a favorite activity - this month's top pick is anything by the Talking Heads.

French Songs for Children is a long standing favorite (when he was a baby, this album would instantly calm him even in the midst of a screaming fit, and thus has been a permanent fixture in the car for the last three years). Remarkably tolerable - Lucienne Vernay was a French singer in the 40's and 50's and the vintage quality remains charming even after having listened to it about 15 million times!

Rio is Jude's latest film of choice - it's actually not too bad (though, given my druthers, I'm definitely more of a Nemo, Cinderella, Robin Hood, Dumbo kind of gal - all recently tired of, alas) - Jamie Foxx and Will.i.am play a couple of amusing hip-hop-y birds and it is pretty hilarious when you realize your toddler is shaking his booty and singing "I like to party, I like to samba!" while you change his diaper!

Jude is also a huge fan of nature documentaries (again, nuts for animals - trucks, firemen? eh, whatevs, but a good wildebeest stampede really rocks his socks!) the BBC's Africa with David Attenborough has just recently dethroned the reigning champion, Planet Earth.

I'm always on the lookout for recommendations so please share what your kids are loving in the comments!

The Fabulous Mr. Finch

We just stumbled across the work of Mr. Finch, a textile artist from Leeds in Yorkshire, and were immediately enamored by his ethereal and whimsical creations.

Finch says he is inspired by British folklore, shape shifting witches, and moon gazing hares. We love that he believes the animals he creates come to life at night when everyone is sleeping.  It's no surprise that his creatures feel so magical.

He has had no formal training which is completely inspiring.


Love this sea horse...

This charming hare reminds us of the Velveteen Rabbit.

Check out more of his work here and here. You can pick up some of his pieces at his Etsy shop.


Filex & Milou

I have two dogs and thus can tell you, with some authority, that a truly fabulous dog bed (and by that I mean one that isn't varying shades of neutral or plain ol' preppy striped) is tough to find.  Needless to say, I was super excited to discover Felix & Milou, a brand new dog bed line by Tove Jakobsson -huzzah!  Finally, something with a little style!

Her cushions are all made by hand from lovely graphic Swedish fabrics. They're sized for a cat or small dog, hopefully soon, a bigger size to come! I fear poor Indy is getting the shaft, being more in the medium to large range. But wouldn't they make great floor cushions around a low table as well?

This is the one I purchased - a fabric by Cecilia Hall Åhlens that has a lovely Josef Frank vibe - beautifully made and adorable in person!

All the cushion covers are removable and washable.  Check out the rest of her products here.