Etsy Wedding

We are enamored by all the wonderful handmade wedding finds on Etsy. It’s a whirlwind of possibilities, so we dug up a few of our favorite Etsy stores, all of which are incredibly affordable! Happy hunting!handmade-ties

Beautifully handcrafted ties by QP Collection

>> S H O P  N O W <<

il_570xN.467903773_egpy il_570xN.467933079_i0s2

Dresses designed and fabricated by Grace Loves Lace

>> S H O P  N O W <<


Delicate headpieces and veils made by The Yellow Peony

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Customizable cake toppers by Better Off Wed

>> S H O P  N O W <<


Alameda Flea Market

The Alameda Flea Market was back yesterday, and I think we all felt like the shopper pictured here: on high from all the fabulous treasures we discovered!

These vintage fruit crates would be great at a rustic fall wedding -- for holding programs, a photo booth backdrop, to serve cold drinks, or just stacked for ambiance!

We noticed some gorgeous vintage jewelry this time, and even spotted some people shopping for wedding rings -- so sweet!

Fancy bling was everywhere...

These vintage collectible cars rev'ed us up!

And we're nuts about this squirrel rocking his fluffy ears. (The Flea is always a great source of vintage illustration inspiration!)

Adorable hummingbirds with 40s flair.

Some lovely boho quilts made with recycled Indian fabrics

Bye, Flea!  We'll see you next month!

Five Quick Wedding Invitation Tips

Naturally we get asked about wedding invitations all the time. How to chose the right ones, what to look for, what wording to use --- all such important questions! We thought we'd pull together a quick post on how to pick wedding invitations. Here are our top five tips!  

1. Choose the design that's right for you. Don't too get caught up in worrying about tradition; instead, choose an invitation that fits your style, whether it's colorful or classic.

2. Embrace paper. While it's tempting to do a lot of things digitally these days, remember that your wedding is a great opportunity to slow down, reflect, and celebrate.

3. Begin with the event in mind.  The invitation sets the tone for the wedding, so the design should ideally reflect the style of your venue, your color palette, and the level of formality.

4. Simplify. The only things guests really need to receive in the mail these days is an invitation -- the rest of the details (e.g. travel, accommodations, registry, RSVP) are often best communicated by a wedding website or e-mail. That said, if you have the budget and desire for a pretty invitation package, by all means go for it!  Your guests will be thrilled.

5. Have fun! Wedding planning should be as fun and enjoyable as the event itself, so stop yourself if you're turning into a bridezilla. Remember it's not the end of the world if you don't get the EXACT shade of purple font you were dreaming of. At the end of the day what matters is the big event and the small things that may go wrong on the way are worth brushing off!

Be sure to check out our extensive wedding wording and planning advice. Have more questions? Ask us in the comments!

April is National Card & Letter Writing Month!

We’ll take any reason to celebrate writing letters and sending cards the old fashioned way. So when we found out April was National Card & Letter Writing month we thought we should spread the word and celebrate all month long. We’ll be giving away a card every day this month, either here on our blog, or over at our FacebookPinterestTwitter, or Google+ pages. Be sure to follow us in all of those places so you can enter to win. And feel free to enter as many times as you like!

Here’s to good old fashioned letter writing and keeping the USPS in business with lots of letters to deliver! Spread the word and write your loved ones and friends lots of letters this month.

And don’t forget to check out our wide range of all occasion letterpress cards on our website here.

The Sweetest Day Giveaway!

Today is the Sweetest Day! For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Sweetest Day is a holiday in which we are encouraged to do something kind or give something sweet to our loved ones or those who could use some love. It began in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922 when a kind gentleman and local candy company employee Herbert Birch Kingston wanted to give candy to the less fortunate people in his community. It's since spread nation wide and every third Saturday in October we take time to do something sweet for others. In celebration of this lovely day, we're giving away our letterpress greeting card Sweet On You! Leave a comment below telling us how you're celebrating the Sweetest Day and we'll send one lucky winner this card. The winner will be contacted on Tuesday, October 23rd. Good luck and Happy Sweetest Day! xo


Sabrina's Weekend Snapshots

Music was always around the house growing up and I've always loved to sing. It's a family past-time - our dad has spent his retirement learning how to play various bluegrass instruments. I even sang a blue grass-inspired version of Dream a Little Dream for the first dance at Eunice's wedding with my former roommate. When I was in college I formed a singing group with 4 other women (one who happened to be the same roommate). They became great friends and we've recently started getting together yearly for a weekend to sing. This past weekend we got together for a weekend in New Hope, PA to sing some old songs and learn some new ones. Our little house had a great front porch where we spent lots of time just hanging out. We even recorded one of our songs as a memento of the weekend!

We spent a little bit time exploring New Hope and stumbled upon a local auto show.

It's always hard to say goodbye to my dear friends but next year will bring more great memories!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Hello Weekend!

This week on the blog:

We considered bridal pantsuits.

Took another trip to Carmel with Sabrina.

Debuted our latest stop motion video all about patterned papers.

Dreamed about a Brazilian wedding.

Partnered with Betabrand for a sweet giveaway (which you can still enter!).

Shared a gorgeous DIY bouquet from Madeline Trait.

Went a little hog wild. 

We also wanted to share this amazing video created by the brother of our very own Anna Boswell, whose fantastic blog writing and Martha Stewartesque crafting skills have been gracing us for over a year. We're not surprised her brother is just as talented as she is.

Happy Friday everyone!


Sabrina's Weekend Snapshots

This past weekend my family and I took a trip down to Carmel Valley to spend some time on the beach. It's truly a remarkable place and quickly becoming a favorite family destination. Only a short drive from San Francisco, Carmel's roaring landscape and sweet sandy beach makes traveling with kids easy and fun. I snapped this photo of the lavender fields in full bloom on our way down.

The view is breathtaking and we had perfect weather, as usual in Carmel!

Taking our boys to the beach can be messy! Alex enjoyed a long bubble bath after a long day outside.

It was hard to leave such a lovely place. Clearly James felt the same way but we'll be back often.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Sabrina's Weekend Snapshots

This weekend we enjoyed the sunshine by spending lots of time outside. The Yerba Buena Gardens are a delightful place to hang out on a sunny day. There's tons of fun things to do with kids or adults, but one of our favorites is to ride the Charles Looff Carousel.

 We went to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building on Saturday and picked up some of our favorite snacks - peas!

 The market was bustling with visitors and bursting with fresh produce and fruit. I loved how the colors of these carrots blended together so I had to snap a picture.

After the market we rode the ferry to Sausalito. It was the perfect way to wind down after such a busy morning and the boys loved being on board the big boat.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Sabrina's Weekend Snapshots

My family and I spent the weekend in Healdsburg, CA visiting friends on their farm. It was a beautiful break from the city and the kids loved the farm animals!

Alex gardening.


James in his helmet holding a roly-poly bug.

The boys found this tiny little frog hanging out on a pole nearby. We loved the colors and pattern of its skin. Hope you all had a wonderful summer weekend!

Photo booth Save the Dates

You may have seen these photo save the dates before but wonder where they've gone. Well, don't fret! These playful designs are still available for your wedding stationery needs. We're currently working on getting them on our website, so please hang tight. If you are interested in any of them, just give us a call and our friendly design consultants will help place your order!

The photos, taken by San Francisco based Magnolia Photo Booth, add a whimsical touch to your photo save the dates, and the postcard backing is available in three different designs.

Feel free to call us with questions! (415) 355-0008

Top to bottom: Notebook Doodle, Vintage Photo Booth, and Special Delivery.

Top photo by Edyta Szyszlo Photography

New Wedding Design Available Now!

Get ready to tie the knot with our playful new wedding invitation! As promised, we have lots of exciting new designs coming to the Hello!Lucky collection, and here's one that you can now get your hands on. Outdoor enthusiasts will breathe easy with the Rolling Acres suite. It's the ultimate combination for a summer wedding, or customize the colors to fit an autumn event. Originally designed as a birthday party invitation, this design works for any occasion!

We'll be releasing more designs soon, so be sure to check back!

 Photo by Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Porcelain Valentines


Happy Rustic Farm week everyone! To wrap up the end of our country chic themed posts, we want to share the artistic creations by our friend and colleague Corie. Every week we look forward to her Lucky Friday posts, and always get a kick out of her cheeky greeting card descriptions. Corie carries on her humor in her own art, too! Her etsy shop coriejcole is filled with miniature porcelain figurines, that are equally as hilarious as her posts. We're loving her Gray Squirrel Eating Heart-Shaped Cookie, especially because Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Porcelain Lamb (above) and Denver the Guilty Dog (below)

Check out Corie's etsy shop here!

Real Wedding: Beth and Julian

Beth Wedding 440

We can think of fewer ways to start a married life together than with the sun shining and the whole city laid out beneath you! These photos taken by Marianne Taylor so beautifully capture the setting for the midsummer wedding of Beth and Julian. Beth and Julian 440

The venue for the ceremony took place at the upper deck of the National Theatre on the south Bank of the Thames which boasts views of the whole city from East to West across the river. We also agree with Beth's choice of invitation as she opted for our London Skyline design but chose to have it in a soft coral and stone combination which looked beautiful.Beth james Suite440

After the ceremony the guests were treated to a ride through central London on a vintage Routemaster double-decker bus to the reception at one of Soho's most established and best-loved restaurants, Kettner's in Romily Street.

Beth Routmaster 440

Here the table stationery carried-on the skyline theme with each table being designated by an iconic London building. We're not sure if being sent to the tower ever held such happy connotations!

Beth James Table Plan 2x3 croppedBeth James Table Card 220330

We would like to wish Beth and Julian all the very best for their future together; may the city always be theirs!

The Lab Event: ticket winner!

Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 5.15.32 PM

A winner has been selected for tickets to The Lab event this weekend and we're so excited for them to join the party!  Drinks and bites will be served in one of Cline Cellars working barrel rooms - how's that for authentic?  Some of the Bay Area's top fashion bloggers will be modeling the latest trends in wedding wear while guests browse custom vignettes.  Tickets can still be purchased here.  Grab some soon, as the event is sure to be a fun and inspirational night!

See you there!

Happy New Year!

Baby Smelling a Flower

Happy 2012!  I love New Year's, personally - the start of a new year is so full of hope and promise, feels like starting fresh! I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but I do find it's a good time to reflect on what matters. For me, this year, those things are:

1) Appreciate something every day

A person, a flower, a moment, something funny or beautiful.  Good time to do it?  On the drive to work, waiting in line at the grocery store, or while falling asleep...

2.) Embrace change

Having toddlers is a constant reminder of how difficult change can be (like a first meal!). This year, our grandmother died, another good reminder. Nothing's permanent, whether it be a job, a person, or a situation. Change is natural and inevitable, so we might as well embrace it!


3.) Share a special time with someone

Whether old friends or new, share a meal, have a conversation, or send a hand-written card or letter (it really does let people know they're special!).

Happy New Year!

Real Wedding: Carolyn and Ben


There are endless destinations that make great wedding venues in the bay area, and we never tire of browsing the beautiful scenery and indulging in the rustic charm each place has to offer. But this venue's classic architecture and sophisticated style has us feeling city-stricken and in love. Carolyn and Ben wed at the historic Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown San Francisco amongst dear friends and family. The event, which takes classic beauty and tradition to a new level, turned out exquisitely.

1035_cbThe couple chose to use our San Francisco Skyline invitation and day-of materials in a crisp black/white to capture the simple yet striking characteristics of their decor.



0210389_cb The floral arrangements by Chestnut and Vine graced each table with fresh scents and bright whites.




Congratulations Carolyn and Ben!

Check out the entire gallery on Style Me Pretty here!

All photography by Meg Perotti

Crepe paper aisle markers


We were recently going through our archives and came across our DIY guide to crepe paper flower aisle markers from Eunice & Daniel's wedding. Crepe paper flowers have so many fabulous uses, that we thought you might like for us to re-post our instructions and templates here.  As always, the quality of the project is only as good as the materials you use - we recommend German crepe paper, and our favorite source is Castle in the Air!


Basic Guide to Making Crepe Paper Flower Aisle Markers

The Grain of Crepe Paper The grain of crepe paper runs along the short side (following the creases). Generally, cut your petals so that they run with the grain of the paper so that they hold their form and can be stretched properly. That being said, sometimes you want a floppier response (for example, with some types of fringe for flower centers).

The grain direction is indicated on each template with arrows.

Making the Petals Note: Crepe paper flowers are very forgiving. Petal and leaf shapes do not need to be exact - the templates are a guide, but for the sake of speed you might consider cutting freehand, using the templates as a general guide to size and shape. Additionally, size the templates up or down, depending on the size of the flower you would like to create.

Paste the template onto a bit of card (cereal boxes or heavy weight card stock work well) and cut it out.

Never cut a single leaf or petal. Cut a few at a time. Cut a strip across the grain about 1/2" wider than the depth of the pattern you are using. Unfold the strip of crepe paper and, starting with the two ends together, refold three times for single crepe (you'll end up with eight thicknesses) or twice for duplex (4 thicknesses). Pin the template (with grain indication aligned to the grain of the paper) onto your paper and cut it out, cutting through all layers of the paper with sharp scissors.

Shaping the Petals

Fluting the Edges If you stretch the edge of the crepe paper, you will get a ruffled effect. Hold the edge of the petal between the thumbs and forefingers (your fingers will be close together, as you will be stretching several times along the edge of the petal) of both hands. Stretch the paper widthwise along the edge of the petal. Repeat as necessary.

Cupping to Shape Petals Hold either side of a petal with your thumbs and forefingers. Gradually stretch the entire width of the petal with both hands, using the thumbs to push into and cup the petal and the forefingers to stretch the paper away from the thumbs. This will give the petal a more dimensional shape - as you would see on a real rose petal. Experiment with cupping at the top, base or half way down.

Curling You can curl the crepe paper with the edge of a pair of scissors (as if you were curling ribbon) - drag the blade of the scissors along the grain to accomplish this.

Making Flower Centers

There are several techniques for making flower centers, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

All flowers start with a ball center for something for the petals to attach to. Start with a small ball of scrap paper (size depends on the size of the flower you are making, but in general about the size of a spitball on up) and a square of crepe paper (around 1 1/2" or so - somewhat bigger for a larger flower). Apply a generous amount of white glue to one side (the wrong side, if there is one) of the crepe paper square). Bend the end of a piece of florist's wire, cut to your desired form a small loop. Place the ball of paper at the end of the wire. Center the crepe paper square on the top of the ball, glue side down. Pull all four sides down to meet at the base of the ball and twist the paper around the wire stem.Cut a short (approx. 2") length of your 1/2" green strips (see Wrapping the Wire Stems) . Apply a bit of glue to the wrong side at one end. Attach to the base of the ball you have created at the end of your wire at wrap around the twisted base, straight around to begin with and then continuing down the wire at a slight diagonal. Continue past the base of the flower center for about 3/4". Cut the strip and apply glue to the inside of the end and attach securely to the florist's wire.

From here you can expand on the center by wrapping a strip of fringed paper or a calyx shape around the center (in the same way you attached the green strip) or adding sheath shapes cut from templates. To add sheath shapes, simply apply a bit of glue at the bottom of each sheath, and attach around the base of the center ball.

Fringing For a fringed center (as for a Poppy) cut the crepe paper into a strip across the grain at the required width. Stretch the strip fully for a fine fringe and less so for a coarse one. Fold the strip in half and cut with the grain, making the cuts as close together and as deep as necessary but always leaving 1/2" or more at the opposite end uncut.

Putting it all together To make a flower, first construct a flower center.

Pick a style of petal and attach your first petal by applying glue to the inside bottom edge and pressing it into place along the base of your flower center (the level at which you place the petal will determine how much of the center is showing. Attach the next petal so that it slightly overlaps the first. Continue this way until you are happy with the look of your flower.

With a little glue and a 1/2" strip of green crepe paper, wrap the base of the flower to cover any raw edges (see Wrapping the Wire Stems for technique).

Add some sheath shapes (optional) for a realistic base for your flower.

Wrapping the Wire Stems Additionally, have on hand 1/2" strips of green crepe paper cut across the grain. They should be strips long enough to wrap the length of your stems.

Stems are wrapped with these strips. Start the wrapping by putting a bit of glue over the flower base. Wrap the end of a strip around it 2 or 3 times very tightly. Then, with the long end of the strip in one hand and the wire in the other (held just above the winding strip), twirl the stem wire around and around while stretching the strip, guiding it diagonally and downward. When the end of the wire is reached, put a bit of glue on the end and continue to twist tightly. Cut off the end and affix with glue.

Note: In lieu of green crepe paper strips, you can also use green floral tape.

II. Crepe Paper Flower Aisle Markers

You'll need:

Crepe paper in various colors (for the flowers) that work with your palette and some crepe paper in green or floral tape for covering stems. Quantities depend on how many you are making, but one packet goes quite a long way. Duplex is my favorite (it is thicker and often two toned) for most flowers, but standard crepe paper works as well for a more delicate, unstructured flower. Mixing the two adds a nice depth.

  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Glue brush
  • Florist's Wire
  • 1 1/2" - 2" ribbon - about 18" per marker (we used vintage velvet ribbon)

How to: Using the templates, make a large quantity of flowers (this is a great project to do with friends). You will need 10-15 flowers per marker, three large and a variety of medium and small sizes. We mixed and matched centers and petal styles as well as scaling the templates up and down to get a mix of flower sizes.

Start with three larger flowers. Twist the stems together, then fold the stems out to the left and right and twist to create two "arms" that will later be joined in a loop that will give structure to your arrangement. Angle the flowers to create a nice central focal point. Add more large and small flowers to your arrangement, twisting their stems around the two arms. Use small flowers to fill in any gaps. When you are happy with your arrangement, make a loop with the arms, twist the ends together, and flatten so that they are hidden behind the flowers. Don't worry about how the back looks - no one will see it.

Cut an 18" piece of ribbon and trim ends at a diagonal or in a dragon tongue shape to prevent fraying. Fold the ribbon in half to form an inverted "V" shape. Position the ribbon behind your crepe paper flowers and pierce a small finishing nail through the wires of the flowers and then through ribbon. Nail into the end of a bench (be sure to get your vendor's permission in advance).

If attaching to the back of a chair, we've a length of 2" ribbon through the wires at the back of your flowers and then through the railing on the back of the chair; tie off using a square knot.

Download the templates here.

Modern Kids Photography

alexjames084 When Edyta recommended Sarah at Modern Kids Photography for holiday family photos, we knew she'd be amazing (Edyta's behind all of Hello!Lucky's editorial product photos). The clincher? Sarah's a former nanny with a natural warmth and openness. She miraculously put Sabrina's twin toddlers at ease the moment she set foot in the door!


We shot in and around Sabrina's house and neighborhood...


In the back yard...


At home...



And walking around the neighborhood...with their colorful walls and doors, the neighborhood provided a surprising variety of backdrops.

Tips for a successful photo shoot:

- Schedule it for when the kids will be well-fed and well-rested.

- Shoot at home, around the neighborhood, or at a familiar park.

- Pick comfortable clothes and pay attention to color palette. Outfits don't need to match but it helps to pick colors and patterns in the same family (we chose a variety of stripes in preppy colors and earth tones).

- If you're using your photos in holiday photo cards or photo birth announcements, have a few card designs in mind and keep their color palette and photo orientation (portrait vs. landscape).

Sabrina used her photos in the accordion-style Four Seasons New Year's Card by Susy Jack* - check out the results here!