On Press: Overprinting

For this year's new trade releases, we are doing a whole mess of overprinting, but Max's registration is super clean. By overprinting one color smack on top of another, we can turn two colors into three, and it looks super cool. But it can be a difficult process that allows no room for error.

On Eunice's new hand-drawn "Thanks A Brunch" card, the overprinted third color outlines the images and is the color of the text. So, even the slightest shift in registration would not go unnoticed.

 Max is an exceptional printer, and they look amazing. Great Job!

On Press: 2012 Trade Releases

This week Max is working hard and printing all of the upcoming trade releases for 2012. Along with Eunice's and Anna's fun and beautiful new designs,  we have an armful of great new cards from our friends and favorite designers: Esther Aarts Lab Partners, and Julia Rothman.

On Press: Dinosaurs--Trimming and Packaging

This week On Press we show the final steps in the process of creating Hello!Lucky's birthday card, "Dinosaurs." This sweet card was designed by Julia Rothman for Hello!Lucky. Max trims them down on the guillotine and folds a few to make sure each cut is perfect. Then each card is folded by hand, packaged, and bundled in packs of six.

On Press: Dinosaurs--Printing and Scoring

Finally! This week our 'On Press' video shows Max in the final stages of this three part series chronicling the making of a letterpress greeting card. Here he's at his windmill printing and scoring Julia Rothman's "Dinosaurs" birthday card design. Scoring, also called creasing, helps prevent the paper from cracking, and it also makes the cards easier to fold.

On Press: Dinosaurs--Paper Cutter.

Here is the next installment in the series of videos on the production of our “Dinosaurs” birthday card designed by Julia Rothman. Max is now cutting down large parent sheets into smaller sheets to be printed on.

On Press: Dinosaurs--Paper Cutter from Hello!Lucky on Vimeo.

On Press: Dinosaurs--Polymer Plates

This is the first in a series of videos on the production of our "Dinosaurs" birthday card designed by Julia Rothman. Here Max demonstrates the polymer plate making process.

To create the plates, we first start with a film that has a clear image area and an opaque non-image area. We place this film on top of the polymer plate that has a layer of photo sensitive emulsion and expose it to UV light. The light that shines through the clear image area of the film hardens the light sensitive emulsion. Then we scrub the unexposed soft emulsion away, leaving a raised relief plate. After rinsing the plate and putting it on a heating tray to dry, we expose the plate to light again for added strength. Lastly, we apply an adhesive backing to attach the polymer plate to a boxcar base.

Stay tuned next week for the next step in creating this letterpress Dinosaur greeting card.

On Press: Broadside

This week James is operating the Vandercook and pressing a large broadside for a custom print job. The press is a No. 4 proof press from 1947. This video shows him setting up his guides and adjusting the furniture around the base for a perfectly positioned print. Next, he applies ink to the rollers and inks the polymer plates. Finally, after printing, he carefully cleans all the rollers.

On Press: Midsummer


This week On Press is the two-color Midsummer wedding invitation design on white duplex paper with rounded corners (yes, we offer corner rounding!).

After their first color run, the invitations on the feed table are ready for their second color.

The invite rests securely in the guides to be pressed into the polymer plate.

 ...on the delivery table after the second color run.

Look at the beautiful impression! Duplex paper (220lb) is double the thickness of our standard 110lb paper and leaves a much deeper impression. We do offer duplex paper for all letterpress invitations for an extra cost, just be sure to ask!

 Anna meticulously rounds each corner.

 And here is the finished product! If you are interested in corner rounding or duplex paper for your invitations, just give us a call at (415) 355-0008, we'd love to hear from you!


On Press: Tie the Knot

This week On Press are samples of the Julia Rothman wedding design for Hello!Lucky: Tie the Knot. James is printing the beautiful three-color invitations. Watch him preparing the guides on his press to ensure consistent registration, cleaning between each color run, and applying ink to the rollers for distribution.

On Press: Cross Stitch

This week on press is the new Susy Jack* design for Hello!Lucky: Cross Stitch. Here is a video of Hello!Lucky's printer, James, positioning the polymer plate, setting up the press, and printing samples of the new design.

This design will be available on the site soon!

On Press: In the Jungle

jungle 2

So much time and care goes into every letterpress job at Hello!Lucky and we want to share what goes on behind the scenes.  This is the first in an ongoing series of posts detailing the unique process that combines paper and ink to create a handcrafted keepsake sure to make... an impression (oh yes we said it!).  This wild three-color invitation was taken on as job printing for one of our clients.

jungle 1

Registration is the alignment of different inks when printing and the crop marks on each edge act as guides for keeping those colors in the right place.

jungle 3

A stack of sheets on the feed table

jungle 4

A polymer plate is freshly inked and ready to add the third color, black.

jungle 5"In the Jungle" was printed by James, and this week he is sporting his forest green teamster apron. Sharp!