Farewell to custom!



To our amazing customers & fans, T H A N K Y O U ! We have made the incredibly tough call to throw in the towel for all custom invitations. Our intentions are to expand on our letterpress greeting card collection, and eventually branch out into more gifts & products. We are forever grateful for all of your kind words and support. That being said, our wedding invitations will be available for a limited time through Soiree San Francisco, so please don't hesitate to contact them for all your dreamy wedding desires. Wishing you a very H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !

New! Guest Address Labels and Calligraphy

Great news! We've just added two new amazing customization options on our website! You can now select calligraphy or guest address labels as guest address options for your wedding or party invitations. We've always had these options behind the scenes, but now in just a few quick clicks your envelopes will upgrade to gorgeous.

The calligraphy is all hand drawn to perfection in Oakland, California by the impeccable Papineau Calligraphy. Once your order is placed online a design consultant will email you the guidelines for submitting your guest names and away they go. Simple as that! From four beautiful calligraphy styles to choose from, you'll be delighted with what you see. Available ink colors are black, navy, chocolate, and white, but if you have a custom color in mind just give us a shout and we'll see what we can do!

Along with our new calligraphy guest address option, you can now order variable guest address labels that match your invitation suite! Our signature 2" x 8"  labels are made to order just for you and are an excellent way to save time and complete your total look. Your return address is printed on the back so there is no writing necessary. With just a peel, wrap, and stick your invitations are ready for post. Want to save more time? Let us adhere your labels for you! Our talented team of assemblers can make your labels and envelopes look perfect before they reach your hands.* Just select the guest address label option when personalizing your invitations and a design consultant will email you guidelines for submitting your guest names and addresses.

Calligraphy style pictured: Florence, $7.00/envelope

*additional assembly fees apply

Thanks for your patience!


It's been a little over 2 weeks since we launched our brand new website and, as can be expected, there have been some hiccups along the way! We just wanted to thank everyone for your patience and let you know we're working around the clock to fix issues as they come up. One of the biggest challenges has been getting our new customization tool to work seamlessly in all web browsers, especially Safari.

Here are some quick tips if you're having trouble:

- Try opening the site in Firefox or Chrome - Download the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player - Clear your browser cache or browsing history (often under preferences) and refresh the page

Still having problems? We'd LOVE to hear from you and help you place your order via phone (888) 552-3724 (US) and 020 7378 9740 (UK) or e-mail info@hellolucky.com.

The more we know, the faster we can get things all fixed up. Please note that we are also still working on getting some of our products up on the site, so if you can't find what you're looking for, give us a shout!

Thanks in advance for your support and feedback!

Featuring Debbie Powell and Giveaway!


Today we’re excited to feature the lovely and talented Debbie Powell! Based in London, New York, and Southbourne, Debbie is an illustrator and hand letterer who loves working with all sorts of art mediums. From water colors to linoleum printing, pencil and pen to printmaking, her brilliance shines in all forms.  We love an artist who experiments with new things and especially love that in her spare time Debbie makes jewelry with the family collective Rah and Rah and her own handmade pots! What more could she conquer!?

What inspired your design for the holiday collection?

Long walks, hot cocoa on chilly evenings, Christmas parties, snowflake patterns, cinnamon sticks and paper chains!

What are you currently working on?

I have a few projects on the go at the momentillustrations for a 2013 diary, patterns for textiles, and a regular spot in the travel pages of the British newspaper The Independent which keeps me busy.

What influences your style the most?

For a long time I have been very much inspired by the Wabi Sabi approach to art and crafts. This is the idea that nothing is perfect, and beauty is found in imperfection rather than flawless perfection.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

My family lives right by the sea so every year on Christmas day we all bundle up and take a long walk along the beach for some after dinner fresh sea air!

Best holiday memory?

When I was ten years old my folks sent me to New York for Christmas to stay with my aunt for three weeks. We had the most amazing time: I got taken to Radio City, Rockefeller Center ice rink; I saw Santa at Macy's; New York at Christmas feels really magical!


Debbie_Powell-2-72dpi To enter to win 2 boxes of limited edition Paper Chains letterpress cards, head over to Debbie’s blog today where she will be hosting the giveaway! Best of luck!

(boxed sets include 6 cards and envelopes)

**A winner has been chosen! Thanks for participating!**

Featuring Karin Soderquist and Giveaway!


Happy weekend everyone! Today we're featuring the talented artist Karin Söderquist! Karin is an illustrator and recent grad currently living and working in London! Her latest interest is working with colored paper collage. We can't get enough of her friendly animal characters and must admit, we share a true love for "bubblegum colours, snowy mountain tops and endless summer days."  Another jolly holiday card genius! Check out her shop here!

What inspired your design for the holiday collection?

Making holiday cards in the middle of summer felt bizarre, but I listened to a lot of holiday music to get me in the mood (A Christmas Gift for You, Phil Spector's Christmas album was a favourite). I wanted to create something that felt like Christmas did when you where a kid. Full of expectations and fun. I want people to look at the cards and be reminded of all the good things about Christmas, having some time off to spend with the people you care about.

What are you currently working on?

I've just started working on a piece for an exhibition. The theme for the show is to create something that fits into a matchbox, so it's going to be tiny!

What influences your style the most?

My style has developed over many years, and it is still developing. Right now I work a lot with paper cut collages. I started doing that because sometimes I felt very constrained when I was drawing and I was looking for a way of working that I would feel more comfortable with. Subject wise I'm inspired by a bit of everything, music, movies, art etc. The process of creating is inspiring in itself; it's like the more you make the more you want to make. Creativity breeds creativity!

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

I live in London and the rest of my family lives in Sweden. Since moving here I don't get to see them enough so my favourite tradition is going home to Sweden and spending some time with them, eating and drinking too much.

Best holiday memory?

In Sweden Christmas is celebrated on the 24th of December. When I was a kid my family lived in the countryside and on the morning of the 23rd, after we had breakfast, we'd put on warm clothes and go out into the snowy forest and cut our own Christmas tree. The 23rd of December also happens to be my birthday!




To enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Hello!Lucky (which you could use to order Karin’s holiday cards!) head over to Karin’s blog today where she’ll be hosting a giveaway! Good Luck!

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Featuring Jacqui Lee and H!L Giveaway!


Today we're checking in with our featured designer Jacqui Lee! Jacqui is an illustrator currently enjoying life in Vancouver, BC. Much of her work is inspired by decades past, and she hopes to take some of that retro charm and add it to her own creative endeavors. We love her hand drawn text and illustrative qualities in each of her holiday cards. It must be fun to live inside her head when she's coming up with such hilarious designs like Fa la la and Animal Sweaters. Who doesn't love a band of musical woodland creatures? So glad Jacqui is a part of our collection!

What inspired your design for the holiday collection?

To be honest, there wasn't any specific thing that inspired me. It was more of a group of things. What I can definitely say is the enthusiasm shown by the Hello!Lucky team when we were first going through ideas was a huge inspiration. It was a great starting point that propelled me through the whole process. Oh, and I may have listened to some holiday tunes on repeat.

What are you currently working on?

Something really exciting that I can't talk about (yet).

What influences your style the most?

This is a tough question! I feel like I'm always being influenced by the new and different things coming out of the creative community. If I wanted to try and pin a specific influence down, I would have to say mid-century illustration, especially children's books. During my time in art school I was definitely influenced by all of the amazing work surrounding me, but I think I've always been drawn to the whimsical and charming work done by illustrators like Art Seiden, Cliff Roberts, and Charley Harper. Visually devouring all of this work has probably made a mark on my own to some degree.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

Baking cookies! I must have my gingerbread men.

Best holiday memory?

My childhood home had a very large hill in the backyard where we would have all-day-long toboggan parties with friends and family. We would hurtle ourselves down that hill all day long until it was dark out. Then we'd retreat inside to eat cookies, drink hot chocolate and warm up by the fireplace.





To enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Hello!Lucky (which you could use to order Jacqui Lee’s holiday cards!) head over to her blog today where she’ll be hosting a giveaway! Best of luck!

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Featuring Morris & Essex and Hello!Lucky Giveaway!


Today’s feature is about Morris & Essex! Morris & Essex products are all designed and printed by the mastermind Eliza Jane Curtis in her farmhouse studio in the small historic district of Limington, Maine. Her work is a combination of letterpress, linoleum cut block-printing and silkscreen, using both traditional screen printing techniques and a Gocco machine. It's obvious Eliza takes extra special care when creating her gorgeous cards and patterned prints, because they are impeccably made! We love that her production process includes carving with her bare hands and that she takes advantage of all the wonderful possibilities of printmaking. For more fabulous designs, check out her Etsy site here!

Q: What inspired your design for the holiday collection?

A: Each of the cards has a different look, and my inspiration was pretty diverse for each of them. I was thinking of beautiful Nordic fair-isle knitting patterns while drawing the "Stars" card. "Folk Tales" is definitely inspired by traditional folk arts too. I happened to be staying in Barcelona while working on some of the other designs, so I think some of that city's gorgeous tile patterns and busy colors found their way into the designs.

What are you currently working on?

I'm sketching up some cute Valentine designs, and I've been working on lots of patterns. I'm silk screening some really bright, fun patterns on canvas for sewing into tote bags and zipper pouches. I'm hoping to have those up in my Etsy shop in time for Christmas.

What influences your style the most?

History. I have a big collection of old cards and magazines, craft books and junk from the past hundred years; a lot of them I got from my grandmother. That's one of my favorite places to look for inspiration. And of course I'm also inspired by nature; I live in the country, and I spend lots of time taking pictures of flowers, leaves, seeds and stalks and vines and weeds, and those forms always find their way into my work.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

Christmas at my parents' farmhouse in Maine; my cousin Lisa's buttery, fresh homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast; a day spent cooking and lounging around with family and smells of food and pine needles filling the house; a sumptuous feast in the middle of the afternoon (especially my mother's cranberry-orange relish and my father's homemade fruit pies!) and then after dinner, a long afternoon walk in the snowy fields to work off a little of the food, with all the dogs running alongside and tumbling in the snow.

Best holiday memory?

Northern lights in the sky on Christmas night.



To enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Hello!Lucky (which you could use to order Morris & Essex holiday cards!) head over to Eliza’s blog today where she’ll be hosting the giveaway! Good luck!

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Featured Designer and Jolby Giveaway!


In celebration of the new website and the beginning of the holiday season, we will be featuring the amazing designers that collaborated with us on our new 2011 custom holiday collection! Each artist or group truly inspired us with their festive illustrations, and after months of collaborating behind the scenes, we're ready to shine a little light on our dear designer friends. We've gathered some Q&A about the creative minds behind our spectacular collection, and the first to the spotlight? Jolby!

Jolby began in 2005 when design duo Colby Nichols and Josh Kenyon joined forces in Portland, Oregon. Their jolly illustrations and super colorful combinations create the perfect mix for holiday merriment. We're more than excited to feature their cards this season, and hope you all find as much fun in their designs as we do!

Q: What inspired your design for the holiday collection?

A: For us the holidays have always been about celebrating with family and coming together to recharge. We wanted both cards to reflect that and to make whoever was receiving it smile. As far as style goes, we are both heavily inspired by mid-century children's book illustrators and especially their holiday pieces. Hopefully a little bit of that comes through on these cards!

What are you currently working on?

Each year we try to take some time to work on a solo art show for a gallery, and we're up to our ears in one right now. The new collection of work is called "Shapes & Smiles" and it explores everything in our lives that makes us happy. It's really refreshing to take a break from our client work to produce art and explore new mediums.

What influences your style the most?

So many things: Our favorite artists, the amazing creative community that surrounds us in Portland, nature, our family and music. We are always trying to push one another to try something new and to take something further. What's your favorite holiday tradition?

Colby: When I was a kid, my dad used to make these homemade cinnamon rolls and they are amazing. I always look forward to those. Josh: For me it's Thanksgiving dinner. It was my mom's favorite holiday, and it just rubbed off on me. I love gathering with my family around the table to talk, eat and be with each other. Nothing is better. Best holiday memory?

Colby: Finding a Mega Man NES cartridge in my stocking one year. It blew my mind! I played it all day. Josh: When I got "Denver the Last Dinosaur" pajamas and a fake guitar as presents.


To enter to win a $100 gift certificate of customizable Jolby designs from the holiday collection, head over to their blog here!

Hello!Lucky Cards featured in Los Angeles Magazine

For any folks lucky enough to be in sunny L.A. right now, check out the latest edition of Los Angeles Magazine.


A spread about card shops in the Best of LA section features one of our Julia Rothman designs, Under the Sea, and one of our classic Hello!Lucky designs, Peeps!

SFMade: Hello!Lucky at Ramp it Up!


SFMade is one of our very favorite non-profits, and we are super honored  and excited to be one of ten local businesses selected to participate in their annual fundraiser party, Ramp it Up! What's Old is New Again.

SFMade supports businesses that imagine, design and manufacture products right here in the Bay Area. May 21st-27th is SFMade week.  Food, factories and fun abound!

Here's the flier for Ramp it Up:


Check out the SFMade website for details on the week's activities and an info  page with a link to purchase tickets for Ramp It Up! And be sure to stop by and say hey to the Hello!Lucky folks at the event!

See you there!