Happy Halloween! + DIY Skull Cookie Cutters

Are you getting excited for Halloween? We are! We had so much fun creating our DIY Sidewalk Skulls, we couldn't help but recreate them into edible cookie pops.

First we made DIY skull cookie cutters. All you need is a circular cookie cutter (about 4" in diameter) and pliers (optional). Simply pinch the sides with your fingers, or use pliers to create a more defined bend. Using this recipe from Sweetapolita, our sugar cookies were perfectly prepared and held our cookie pops with pride. You can customize your cookies to any color, or get creative to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (November 1st)!

Bake a batch and bring these to work or to Halloween parties! And let us know in the comments if you have any other go-to Halloween recipes you love making.

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DIY Halloween Sidewalk Skulls

It's that time again! The holidays are right around the corner and that means we're gearing up for a season of DIY decor. Halloween is the one holiday in which you can get away with practically anything. And although we love faux spider webs and painted pumpkins, we're more attracted to unique, original designs. Our DIY Sidewalk Skulls are a great way to add spook to your home without too much black and orange. Where's the wow factor? It's a glow in the dark graveyard so each piece glows in the gloomy night of Hallow's Eve.

Materials: White poster board or card stock, Scissors or craft knife, pencil, glow in the dark acrylic paint (available at craft stores), paintbrush, skewer sticks, masking tape

How To:

1. Print this skull template on your home printer. Cut out with scissors and a craft knife (for the eyes and nose) and trace onto your poster board or card stock. *Tip: for extra strength or to keep your skulls from warping over time, glue two pieces of card stock together before tracing and cutting.

2. Cut out the skull from the poster board or card stock using scissors and a craft knife.

3. Apply three generous layers of glow in the dark paint.

4. After the paint is dry, place the skewer stick on the back (pointed side down) and secure with a piece of masking tape.

*Tip: We recommend keeping the skulls under a lamp or bright light before displaying for best results. If rain is in the forecast, remove the skulls from the yard to preserve the strength of the paper.

Place skulls along your sidewalk or pathway to light the way for trick-or-treaters! We added bats and bones to the mix, but you can make anything from witch hats to pumpkin heads!

Happy Halloween!

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