Hello!Lucky meets Hello Shiso!


Yesterday we met with our new favorite accessory designer Mimi Tsang of Hello Shiso. The company started in 2010 with Mimi assembling each product personally by hand & has since flourished! We are in love with Hello Shiso designs. These accessories serve as the perfect addition to the little ladies outfit! We couldn't resist and had to buy some for Eunice's baby Imogen who is modeling her new Hello Shiso clips below! Check out these sweet heart shaped bobby pins, just in time for Valentines Day! Visit Hello Shiso!

Marimekko Kids

Watch out crewcuts, these images from Marimekko's kids collection are reaching the top of the cute chart. It's not unusual that we are caught wishing kids clothing came in adult sizes, but once we see those little bodies show off those fashionable threads, they're definitely making a spot on our wish list. Marimekko has always inspired us with their colorful patterns and bold decor, but now that we're seeing more of them in our every day lives, we're even more in love.

And with all the little boys in our H!L family, we're obsessing over their toy car illustrations. Who wouldn't want to trek that backpack to the first day of school next year!?

Visit their beautiful US website right here, and be sure to check out the kids collection here!

Bicycle Weddings

If there's one thing we're really into this summer, it's gotta be a good bicycle wedding. It may be because we live in a bike-friendly city (despite all the hills!) or that we melt in the charm of the rusty tires and cute carrying baskets. A good bicycle wedding consists of your standard adorable tandem bike photo, the flower basket above the handle bars, and our favorite - the printed bicycle stationery. Our new French Bicycle wedding invitation designed by Jacqui Lee has all the summery details we love: balloons, bikes, and red, white, and blue. Here's a little collection of some of our favorite bicycle weddings we've seen around the web.

1. Best bicycle wedding...ever - Green Wedding Shoes 2. French Bicycle folded thank you card designed by Jacqui Lee - Hello!Lucky 3. Killer belt buckle - The Knotty Bride 4. Amazing bicycle fruit cake - Rocket Fuel 5. Kissing bride and groom cake topper - Wedding Star 6. French Bicycle wedding invitation designed by Jacqui Lee - Hello!Lucky 7. Great idea for a gift basket - Style Me Pretty

Handmade Jewelry by Rare Indeed

These hand crafted accessories by Rare Indeed are in fact, rare indeed! It's always exciting to stumble upon one-of-a-kind pieces by artists on Etsy, and we're feeling particularly fond of these illustrative items as they remind us of some of our favorite designs.

This striped circus tent brooch would liven up any outfit, especially if attending a circus-themed party (see our new Big Top kids birthday party invitation!)

No summer vacation is complete without a trip to the beach and these anchor stud earrings would be the ultimate accessory. Or, for all you Cape Cod brides, these studs might make the perfect gift for bridesmaids!

Our new Adventure wedding invitation has been a popular addition to our collection, so we can definitely see this hot air balloon necklace making a splash.

To view the entire Rare Indeed collection, click here!


Tech Toys and Wedding Accessories


(USB wedding ring via Mashable Tech)

When we stumbled upon these geek-tastic wedding accessories, our inner nerd fluttered with excitement. It's always fun to test out a new toy or gadget, and there's no better way to satisfy those computer cravings on the big day than with the most tech-savvy wedding trinkets around!



(Cufflinks by Ravi Ratan via Mashable Tech)

USB_rings (Outlet rings via Scrambled Eggs Blog)