Book Review: Modern Calligraphy

modern calligraphy

A little over a year ago we did a blog post on some of the most beautiful calligraphy we've seen in a while, which was created by Molly of Plurabelle Calligraphy. You can imagine how thrilled we were when we found out Molly was coming out with a book, now available and called Modern Calligraphy.

modern calligraphy

Molly's publisher sent us a copy of her book, which is just as lovely as her calligraphy. The book is the perfect primer on how to master this fresh modern lettering style. It includes 20 DIY projects where you can apply your new talent.


We love how Molly's book breaks the calligraphy process down into simple steps so anyone can learn to create their own wedding invitations, thank you cards, gift tags, and more. She starts with an overview of the supplies—from paper to ink to pens—you will learn how to form letters, words, and then phrases by following Molly’s clear step-by-step instructions, and by practicing with the provided templates.


You can purchase a copy of Modern Calligraphy here. Congratulations on your beautiful new book Molly!


Love this blog, designworklife.  We found they had posted about our Jude Turns 1 party invitation, and in the process turned up all sorts of beautiful things!  Foremost in our minds today were these amazing wee artist books by Elsa Mora (click on her name and be awed at her cut paper creations!)




Be sure not to get completely derailed by Elsa's amazing stuff, though, as there are all other sorts of goodies to see on designworklife.


Hello!Lucky Holiday Secret Book Exchange

Shh! We're doing an secret book exchange for our Hello!Lucky Holiday Party.  Wonder if anyone will be giving/receiving any of these? bookcovers

I can name of a few of us who might fancy this one:


Ooh hoo hooo... this one looks like a REAL treat:


ACK! Scary! But full of all sorts of wisdom, no doubt.  Via Found in Mom's Basement.

The Exquisite Book

exn1041346 We recently collaborated with friend and artist Julia Rothman on The Exquisite Book, a pet project of hers along her colleagues Jenny Volvovski and Matt Lamothe from ALSO. Inspired by the Surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse, the book features over one hundred contemporary artists (including H!L's Eunice Moyle!), each completing one page of the book. Read more about the process here.


The Exquisite Book is currently available for pre-order through Amazon and Chronicle Books.

The Affected Provincial's Companion

Lord Whimsy We were recently introduced to the works of Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy (read his blog here), self-described Mammal of Paradise, a most amazing advocate for the benefits of a life of Grace and Beauty, which we, of course, are hearty champions of as well!  His book,  The Affected Provincial's Companion, Volume One, promises (and delivers, gloriously)  the reader the following:

Feats of Sartorial Cunning! Jaunty Verse! Deftly Rendered Turns of Phrase! Witticisms! Unbridled Pedantry! Dust Motes! Icy Hauteur! Well-Muscled Hindquarters!

The Affected Provincial’s Companion

The book is absolutely gorgeous through and through (as you know, Gentle Reader, we are great admirers of the classic, vintage-inspired book), from its leaf-green hardcover stamped silver foil to the charming magenta endpapers with a hilarious pattern of woodland critters, to the multitude of charming and enlightening diagrams within.  It was designed, illustrated and typeset by the author and we heartily applaud the results!

Jaunty Dress

A must read for any man about town.  Above, a jaunty diagram accompanying a chapter titled "On the Perils of Sportswear.  Or, a Battery of Irrefutable Misgivings Concerning a Shambling Citizenery and Its Detrimental Effects on the Fostering of a Civil Society; Included is a Five-Point "Fopwa" That Might Spare Our Nation the Shame That Comes with Being a DEN of UBIQUITY."   See also, "Get Thee to Haberdashery.  Or, the GENTLEMAN as a Revolutionary Archetype and his Role in the Demise of the GUY (A Brief Meditation.) Diagram pictured below:


(Fig. 8:  The Guy (and thus a rascal)  Acne, coldsore; Fused vertebrae (guitar, girl trouble); Painted into a corner.    Fig. 9: The Gentleman  Perfect coif; Pockets full of the finest lint; Shoeshine seen from orbit.)

Facial Hair

Diagram accompanying a chapter entitled "Now That You Are A Man.  Or, a Young Gentleman's Guide to the Proper Grooming of Facial Hair."

Get thee to a bookshop (or order online here or here) immediately and add this wonderful book to your library - it is brimming with brilliant insight and amusing musings; a required volume for any aesthete.  You will not regret the purchase!   A far more civilized, beautiful life now lies within the grasp of your trembling fingertips...