Welcome 2013!

After the holidays wind down and we return to our regular routine, we welcome 2013 with open arms. There are many events to look forward to this year, many resolutions to keep and many achievements to reach. As we look forward we always like to start off right with an organized, refreshed state of mind. We picked a few of our favorite 2013 wall and desk calendars from around the web to share with all of you. We're noticing a geometric theme in our calendars so expect to see a new trend! Happy New Year!

1. Linda and Harriett Quilt Calendar 2. Kin of Kin Lunar Calendar 3. Darling Clementine Harvest Calendar 4. Frankie Press Calendar 5. Julia Kostreva Prisms Calendar 6. Leah Duncan Shapes Calendar

Shop Julia Kostreva!


We hope you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet this year because we have some exclusive Hello!Lucky news! Our lovely and talented junior designer Julia Kostreva just added some new products to her shop and we wanted to spread the love! Her brand new 2012 planner calendars and Mon Petit notebooks are the perfect mix of modern style and functionality.



And, if you're looking for some contemporary art in the bedroom, look no further! Julia incorporates her hand illustrated patterns on to 100% cotton pillow covers! They satisfy that desirable splash of color that every room needs.



We're so proud to have such a brilliant artist on our team! Great work J!

You can visit Julia's shop here, and keep up with her blog here