Filex & Milou

I have two dogs and thus can tell you, with some authority, that a truly fabulous dog bed (and by that I mean one that isn't varying shades of neutral or plain ol' preppy striped) is tough to find.  Needless to say, I was super excited to discover Felix & Milou, a brand new dog bed line by Tove Jakobsson -huzzah!  Finally, something with a little style!

Her cushions are all made by hand from lovely graphic Swedish fabrics. They're sized for a cat or small dog, hopefully soon, a bigger size to come! I fear poor Indy is getting the shaft, being more in the medium to large range. But wouldn't they make great floor cushions around a low table as well?

This is the one I purchased - a fabric by Cecilia Hall Åhlens that has a lovely Josef Frank vibe - beautifully made and adorable in person!

All the cushion covers are removable and washable.  Check out the rest of her products here.



Eli, no!

Eli oh no! Ok, perhaps this was especially hilarious to us because Eunice (our co-founder & creative director) has not one but two dogs that are constantly shenanigan-tastic.  Simon, the naughtiest, has been know to eat entire sticks of butter and has chewed open any and every pocket containing a forgotten dog treat, stick of gum, or stray chapstick.  They are both simultaneously hilarious and perpetrators of the kind of behavior that makes you want to bang your head like that frustrated pianist from Sesame Street.

eli no!!!

No Eli!

Needless to say when we saw this children's book (via sfgirlbybay) called "Eli, no!" (unpublished, which is just ridiculous!  Someone publish this immediately!)  from artist Katie Kirk, we were a) totally inspired b) so loving the design and illustration and c) so very charmed.  It's the story of one trouble-making dog, and the one word that isn't far behind.  Hilarious.

No!No! Eli!

no! Eli! no!

eli no!!!!!

eli no!!!!

eli no!!

eli no!