Hello Weekend!

This week on the blog... We share a patterned paper DIY on how to make drink flags.

Celebrated a lovely floral wedding.

Hosted a giveaway for some sweet clothes. (You can still enter!)

Picked out the perfect guest book.

Shared some fun news about one of our birth announcements.

Gave away a favorite Julia Rothman card. (You can still enter that too!)

Have a great weekend whatever you do!

Hello Weekend!

This week on the blog:

We considered bridal pantsuits.

Took another trip to Carmel with Sabrina.

Debuted our latest stop motion video all about patterned papers.

Dreamed about a Brazilian wedding.

Partnered with Betabrand for a sweet giveaway (which you can still enter!).

Shared a gorgeous DIY bouquet from Madeline Trait.

Went a little hog wild. 

We also wanted to share this amazing video created by the brother of our very own Anna Boswell, whose fantastic blog writing and Martha Stewartesque crafting skills have been gracing us for over a year. We're not surprised her brother is just as talented as she is.

Happy Friday everyone!