SF Bazaar This Weekend!

This weekend we will be participating in one of our all time favorite events! The SF Bazaar is a free entry craft festival showcasing local artists. It's the perfect opportunity to get your holiday shop on with so much crafty goodness to choose from, and multiple chances to win cool stuff! Read below for more info on entering to win! 

Share This link on your facebook & automatically enter to win 2 boxed sets of Hello!Lucky holiday cards! Winners announced at the event! Are you that person that never wins anything? That's okay! show up early and get a gift baskets! The first 200 people in the door take home the basket. Double your chances by sharing AND showing up to the event early. And remember, you're always a winner to us!

DIY Neon Ornament Wall Decals

Christmas is literally almost here but there's still time to spread some cheer around your home! We're big fans of decorating with items already found around the house, and since we're paper geeks, this DIY is dear to our hearts. Looking back at 2012 it was definitely the year of neon. Remember the boys' second birthday party? And our new neon kids birthday party invitations? We thought we'd spend one last time this year indulging in our neon fix before another fabulous trend comes in 2013. These DIY neon ornament wall decals were inspired the hot air balloon decals made by Gosh and Golly shown in Sabrina's nursery. Full instructions below!


Neon Paper, Silver Paper, Mug & pencil - or circle-cutter, Scissors, Glue stick, Silver wire or ornament hooks, Hot Glue + Gun, Glue dots or sticky-tac

How To:

Step 1. Trace your circles onto sheets of colored paper and cut out with scissors. This part takes patience, unless you have a handy circle cutter at home. They come in all sizes, but 4" is a happy medium. As long as your circles are all the same size it will work.

Step 2. Choose three colored circles and fold them in half.

Step 3. Glue the back of both sides of the center circle, then adhere to one side of the other two.

Step 4. Cut your silver paper into three 1" x .5" strips. Fold in half (hamburger style!) and glue one half of the back (hotdog style!) Then place at the top end of each of your folded circles.

Step 5. Cut your wire into 3" strips and fold the top .5" over with your finger. Or, if you have spare ornament hooks lying around, you can use those just as well. Place a small dab of hot glue on the back (flat side) of your paper ornament and set the flat end of the wire in place.

Step 6. When you're ready to display, place a dab of sticky-tac or a small glue dot on the back and you're done! Be careful when you remove the wall decals that you do not remove too quickly. With glue dots you can slowly peel of and rub the excess off with a finger, or twist to remove. Sticky-tac is probably more gentle on paint but the decals might not stay in place as long.

Happy crafting and Happy Holidays!

Lucky List for the Bookworm


1. iPhone Case

The ultimate phone accessory! An iPhone case can say a lot about a person, and this one speaks adorable.

2. Penguin Books Travel Pouch

You can never have enough bags. Bags for groceries, bags for traveling, bags for anything! This bag is great for the book lover because of its classic Penguin book cover. It's just one of many Penguin classic cover accessories, so check them out here!

3. Hello!Lucky Journal

We couldn't help but sneak in a genius gift of our own! This year Hello!Lucky released three brand new two-sided journals, and the Love It or Hate It journal is perfect for readers. Jot down your thoughts on all those books you've finished, or make a list of books to read in 2012!

4. Cross Gold Rolled Ballpoint Pen

Ever find that one pen that you just can't write without? Well we have. Cross pens are the finest of all pens. They have a super sleek shape, are available in all colors and varieties, and above all, they come with a lifetime warranty. So that one pen you just can't write without is guaranteed to stick by your side, forever! It's the perfect gift for the doodler, the writer, or the note taker. You can even get them engraved!

5. Book Hook

This sculptural side table piece takes the bookmark to a whole new level. It's a stylish resting place for your novels. It's a sophisticated page protector. It preserves the book boundary, and looks good while doing it. It's amazing!

6. Wooden Book Pendant Necklace

Now your loved ones can keep their books even closer to their hearts. Handmade by an artist in the UK, these pendant necklaces (available in all colors!) are totally unique and make a lovely gift for the holidays.

7. Ideal Bookshelf Print

Jane Mount hit a home run with her Ideal Bookshelf project. She's been illustrating peoples ideal bookshelves for years, and gathered prints for sale along the way. There are prints of cookbooks, baby books, travel books, and pretty much any books you like. If you want to give an extra thoughtful gift this year - order a custom ideal bookshelf painting here. He or she will love you!

8. Cork Planter Bookends

Talk about a tidy shelf! Not only are these bookends practical and attractive, they can be used for notes, to hold pens/utensils, and even be home to your mini plants! A multi-magical gift for any collection!

9. The Maltese Falcon

This classic detective novel will have readers channeling their inner Sam Spade in no time. We love this book because of it's San Francisco backdrop, and are captivated by the thrill of the chase. It's a great addition to any personal library!

10. Wooden Elk Bookmark

If you're anything like us, your books are marked with old receipts, candy wrappers, or even the dreaded "dog ear." Well, it's time to be kind to our paper entertainment, and treat our pages with respect! This mini elk bookmark would be perfect for a stocking stuffer, or even slipped inside a new bestseller and wrapped up nicely with a bow.