Flower Fairy themed party from Vanessa Mason

My daughter Sienna was 1-year-old last month and “girl” what a bash we had! We had a guest list of 12 children ranging from 1 to 8 years old and I had decided on a flower fairies theme, which worked out beautifully. The girls all arrived wearing fairy wings and Scott and Sienna wore theirs. The delicious chocolate cupcakes, perched on a cardboard themed stand, were decorated with little flower fairy figures and the table was adorned with mini fairy stands depicting magical flower fairy girls. The mood of the party was happy, fun and innocent! The main eye-candy was a homemade-layered rainbow cake, which I had made the night before. Sadly, I ran out of steam to do the seventh layer to be true to the rainbow, but nobody noticed a part from me.

The floral centerpiece was made up of a selection of vases carrying fragrant white lilac, baby pink cherry blossom and fresh mint. We served our guests with pink raspberry lemonade and Italian Prosecco, depending on their mood. English classic pastel party rings and pink wafers were also served as part of the buffet. And Sienna’s godmother Grace surprised us by bringing a huge box of pink gloss Krispy Kreme doughnuts, yummy. Halfway through the party, a children’s entertainer named Barry from Loopy’s Laughter Show put on a needed distraction, whilst the grown-ups chattered away in peace.

If you’re looking for the same innocence and return to nature for your wedding or party invitations, check out Hello!Lucky’s Floral or Vintage wedding invites, all of which can be customized and changed into birthday party invites as well! Table decorations by Talking Tables.

Handmade, repurposed fabric toy mats/sacks

A good friend of Hello!Lucky makes these fun and functional convertible play mats/toy tacks.

Here's a visual step by step:


Brilliant! With all the little boys around H!L these days, we've got our eye on these!


Such cool and colorful vintage fabrics! Check out more of their work on Etsy at repurposedplayground.

La Moustache Party de Mr. Hugo


We were very pleased to be invited the La Moustache Party de Mr. Hugo (who you may remember from his recent appearance as a French clown)...


His mom, Vanessa, is hilarious and quite the style maven, and she did not disappoint with the many cute and funny details!


Like these snappy little moustache cupcake toppers (the cupcakes were DELICIOUS - from That Takes the Cake)


and these hard candy lollipops...


She had all kinds of simple, yet ingenious, touches - Washi tape bands add cute graphic flair to  plain glass bottles...


Love these little paper cups!



Of course, one must have a selection of moustaches on a stick!  These fab paper 'staches available here and the wooden 'staches here...


...and we loved the hilarious bunting made from photos of famous mustaschioed gentlemen - ah, Tom Selleck...


And the random celebratory moustache imagery that popped up in unexpected places...love those Y-fronts!

Ah, how we love a well-designed par-tay!  Bonne anniversaire, Mr. Hugo!


Love this blog, designworklife.  We found they had posted about our Jude Turns 1 party invitation, and in the process turned up all sorts of beautiful things!  Foremost in our minds today were these amazing wee artist books by Elsa Mora (click on her name and be awed at her cut paper creations!)




Be sure not to get completely derailed by Elsa's amazing stuff, though, as there are all other sorts of goodies to see on designworklife.


Dino Epoch!

Spotted these cookie favors and thought they would be perfect for a Dino Epoch themed birthday party!



Our birth announcements designs aren't just for new babies, they can easily be adapted into birthday party invitations with just some minor tweaking.


Contact us with questions!

The rawr-some cookies came from Whippedbakeshop on Etsy.

Jude Turns 1!!


Eunice's little boy, Jude, is turning 1! Check out these super cute invitations she designed for his circus themed party...


Stay tuned for photos of the party itself!  There are rumors of clown noses and a ring of (felt) fire for the babies to crawl through - feats of daring, ahoy!