Eunice's Nursery Style

Eunice, our co-founder and creative director, is due to have her baby this week and it's been really fun to see her pull together her baby girls nursery. We're loving Eunice's nursery style and would't mind moving in ourselves. She's still working on the final pieces and waiting for everything to arrive but we wanted to share the cuteness already in place.

Here's what Eunice had to say about creating the nursery space: The overall look I was going for was light and airy and modern with some sweet girly details.  The overall palette is pale pinks and greys and neutrals (inspired by my obsession with French interior design) with occasional dashes of neon pink.  I chose the photos because my 3 year old Jude is obsessed with animals (particularly baby animals) and I thought it would be great to make the baby's nursery a place he would enjoy as well.

Eunice got the sweet baby animal prints from The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose. How absolutely adorable are they? Such a great idea for a nursery. The bunny lamp above is from Sunday In Color. And she found the bassinet on giggle, a great place to shop for kids and babies. 

To see more of Eunice's nursery style inspiration check out the pinboard she created. She's also working on a downstairs room for Imogen (her baby girls name!) which we'll share photos of as it comes together!

Links below to where Eunice sourced everything in her nursery: CribChanging StationDresser, Chandelier from ebay, BeddingChanging Pad CoverAtsuo et Akikio PillowMobile (to come), Rocker (on it's way). 


Local Love: Flora Grubb

We could spend days and days wandering around Flora Grubb Gardens, a local nursery and garden supply store located in San Francisco's Bay View neighborhood.

Flora Grubb is so much more than a nursery. It feels like a little haven in the city, full of inspiration at every turn. There's even a Ritual coffee inside so you can grab a delicious beverage and wander around the gardens.

We love the pops of color, huge range of plants, and endless garden ideas we discover when we are there. Flora Grubb is perfect on a sunny day but it's just as nice on a slightly overcast and foggy day as we discovered last time we were there a couple of weekends ago.

If you live in the bay area and haven't been to Flora Grubb definitely go! And if you're visiting you should add it to your list of spots to explore while you're here, we promise you won't regret it.

Flora Grubb 1634 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124 - (415) 626-7256

Hilary Lang, Nursery Cuteness and more...

Nursery We were so thrilled to spot our baby's first year journal and photo album making an appearance in this adorable nursery!


The nursery belongs Phoebe, the daughter of the very talented Hilary Lang.  How cool is this vintage mobile?


Love the cross stitch and these teeny (and very comfy looking) booties!

Rabbit in Overalls

Aside from having a fabulous nursery, Hilary Lang makes many, many, super cute things - such as this hilarious overall-wearin' rabbit...

Turtle-y times

The patterns for hand-sewn projects such as this charming little turtle are available in her shop...

Animals on Wheels

Um, hilarious.


You can also see pictures of her many projects here...