Studio Snapshots!

Here's Jon working our vintage Vandercook press. This is the press that started it all, originally manufactured in 1947, it lived in Eunice's garage when Hello!Lucky was just beginning.

We strive to stay organized, and being the visual people we are, color coding and alphabetizing envelopes make assembly much more efficient! Above is just a portion of our envelope collection. We're really loving the Clover (kelly green) color right now.

Another way to stay organized with ribbon storage. We are always looking for a particluar shade or pattern, so it's helpful to have them side by side!

Our designers Anna H. and Shauna looking sharp and stylish!

Faye was created by a talented employee years ago. If you look closely, she's made up of Cherry Blossom wedding invitations! She likes to keep watch atop our studio stairs and greet all of our visitors. Can you say pretty in pink?!

Studio Snapshots

We admit it, one of our latest obsessions is Instagram. We're having a lot of fun taking little breaks in our day and posting some studio shots to this highly addictive app. Do you use Instagram? We'd love to see what you're posting so follow us or tell us your account name in the comments! We're @helloluckycards - nice and simple!

Eunice at work designing a custom wedding invite.

Rainy day gear.

James at the press.

We're anxiously awaiting the android version so more of our friends and studio mates can join in on the fun.