Refinery29 Siblings Feature

Last week Refinery29 came by our new studio and took some photos of Eunice and Sabrina for a feature on San Francisco siblings. They were thrilled to be included along side some of the city's coolest siblings. The piece includes a pretty fun q&a with Eunice and Sabrina about each other -- including Eunice's favorite memory of the two of them growing up. You can check out the full Refinery29 feature right here.

Β Thanks for including us Refinery29!

On Press: In the Jungle

jungle 2

So much time and care goes into every letterpress job at Hello!Lucky and we want to share what goes on behind the scenes.Β  This is the first in an ongoing series of posts detailing the unique process that combines paper and ink to create a handcrafted keepsake sure to make... an impression (oh yes we said it!).Β  This wild three-color invitation was taken on as job printing for one of our clients.

jungle 1

Registration is the alignment of different inks when printing and the crop marks on each edge act as guides for keeping those colors in the right place.

jungle 3

A stack of sheets on the feed table

jungle 4

A polymer plate is freshly inked and ready to add the third color, black.

jungle 5"In the Jungle" was printed by James, and this week he is sporting his forest green teamster apron. Sharp!