Tantrum Kids Boutique

Hey San Francisco peeps! If you haven't been into Tantrum in Cole Valley yet then you must go take a peek! One of the most unique and well done kid's shops in the city! They have mid-century modern inspired toys, home goods, & other finds at a price you can't resist. They even feature us and other local letterpress & we couldn't be more proud to be amongst such visual bliss!cute kids clothes kids store san francisco san francisco kids store kids clothing store tantrum boutique

Handmade, repurposed fabric toy mats/sacks

A good friend of Hello!Lucky makes these fun and functional convertible play mats/toy tacks.

Here's a visual step by step:


Brilliant! With all the little boys around H!L these days, we've got our eye on these!


Such cool and colorful vintage fabrics! Check out more of their work on Etsy at repurposedplayground.