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Kelly is next in our employee spotlight series and we are so excited to share a little bit about her. Kelly has been with Hello!Lucky since the very beginning. She has done just about every job here from working with brides to shipping and folding greeting cards. These days she helps keep our website running like a well-oiled machine, while graciously allowing us to use her son’s photo in almost all of our sample birth announcements. We love Kelly for her sense of humor, effortless style, and the stories she can tell about the early days at Hello!Lucky!

My role at Hello!Lucky is…

To help keep things chugging along.  I am focused on operations and our website right now.

I can’t get through the day without…

Drinking copious amounts of water and eating snacks on a regular basis.  I’m a tad cranky when hungry.

My ideal weekend activities include…

Having no plans whatsoever, movies, good food, good company, and daytime cocktails.  Now that I have a 1-year-old?  Precious and elusive sleep… and daytime cocktails.

My favorite Hello!Lucky memory is…

Calling the studio with ideas for the Barbecue Parade card while on the bus. I got more than a few glances when I suggested that the card needed an ear of corn shucking itself.

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky…..

The head honchos are former fashion models. I’ve seen pictorial proof.

Technically, Max isn’t at a desk all day, and that’s the way he likes it! He’s one of our pressmen here at Hello!Lucky. He keeps our vintage presses humming along and masterfully cranks out our letterpress greeting cards. He knows all there is to know about letterpress and we love him for his easy going attitude and sense of humor.

My role at Hello!Lucky is…


I can’t get through the day without…

apple and peanut-butter.

My ideal weekend activities include…

sleeping, walking, separately.

My favorite Hello!Lucky design to print is…

Wiser, and anything by Julia Rothman.

If I wasn’t a pressman I’d be…

a fishmonger.

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky…

it used to be a billiards supply.

So you want to know more about Hello!Lucky?! Now you can see the faces of our hard working employees and learn a little bit about the daily life as an H!L member. To kick it all off, we’re delighted to introduce Stewey. His optimism and cheer light up the entire office, and his can-do attitude keeps this place running smoothly (especially on rainy days like today!). When you place a custom order, Stewey is one of the fabulous design consultants who will walk you through every step of the process and help guide you if you need a little extra help! We asked him a few questions:
My role at Hello!Lucky is…. 
Design Consultant.

I can’t get through the day without…. 
a run to the local corner store for a Green Tea Ginger Ale.

My ideal weekend activities include…. 
Tartine Bakery’s Quiche and an exploratory SF neighborhood walk with Matt.

My favorite Hello!Lucky design is…. 
Visit London (I lived there for 2 years), or Hearts-and-Arrows.

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky…. 
There are a few Undercover Karoke Superstars working here- but you didn’t hear that from me.

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