Sara Remington Photography

Sarah Remington PeasSarah Remington EggsSara Remington Wedding 2Sara Remington Wedding 1 We mentioned that Bay Area-based photographer Sara Remington did a lot of the fabulous wedding invitation photography on our new website. The moment we saw her stunning saturated colors, and simple, evocative compositions, we were hooked. Sara is an award-winning food photographer and winner of the prestigious Photo District News' '30 Emerging Photographers to Watch in 2006'.

There’s also good news for brides-to-be: Sara is an incredible wedding photographer, represented through the equally fabulous Anna Kuperberg (Note: this is a gorgeous website, but turn the volume on your computer down if you don't want to set off a spontaneous salsa party in your office/cubicle/immediate environment!). Sara shared the fabulous rickshaw photo above with us from a wedding she recently shot in Beijing, China, and we love her wonderful still life photos, too, of course!

She has an incredible eye for detail, is super-reliable and efficient, and puts everyone at ease!