The Flea: Sombrero-wearing Frogs and More!

Flea 30Flea 22Flea 11Flea 33 Where on earth can you find a sombrero-wearing frog, and his accordion-playing campadre? Why, at the Alameda Flea Market, of course! But, seriously, we love the flea for its numerous collectibles that can be used, among other things, to decorate a room, wrap a gift, or add flair to parties. These cherry and strawberry millinery notions, for example, can be tied to a gift with ribbon, or twined around napkins at a dinner party. We've used kids' alphabet blocks to spell guests' initials at place settings at a baby shower. Mix-and-match salt and pepper shakers are perfect for a large sit-down dinner or vintage-inspired wedding. There is just so much inspiration at the flea - your imagination (and your husband/boyfriend/fiance's/roommate's tolerance for vintage ephemera) is the only limit!