Butterfly Seating Cards

Butterfly Wedding Seating Cards We created these lovely butterfly seating cards by die-cutting blush paper and folding it in half to great a three-dimensional feel. Wedding guests' names are written in calligraphy on one side, the table number on the other. We displayed them by pinning them in a scattered formation to sheer netting with pearl-headed pins, arranging the guests names in (more or less!) alphabetical order. The effect was gorgeous and perfect for a garden wedding.

Our original inspiration for these was a 19th century naturalist wedding theme. The guests' place cards were placed in bits of moss under bell jars (designed in collaboration with Fork & Spoon Productions), and there were birdcages overflowing with roses, a garden hedge surrounding the dance floor, and large apothecary jars full of sweets. It was lovely!

Photograph by Sara Remington.