Moving a letterpress studio

Cynthia, our cylinder pressMoveMoveMoveMoveMoveMoveMoveMoveMove Moving a letterpress studio is no small fry. We promised Pat, our rigger (someone who specializes in moving heavy equipment, relying on old-fashioned principles of loan balancing, cantilevering, etc.), who claims that "he's getting too old for this" (p'shaw!), that we won't do it again anytime soon. In the meantime, Pat did teach us how to drive a forklift, so we can maybe we can be more helpful next time (not that we're saying there will be a next time)!

In total, we moved over 25,000 pounds of printing equipment, and about 800 boxes (many thanks to the charming crew from the Delancey Street Foundation). Our once-loved studio on 3rd Street is now quiet, much to the relief of Diane, the building's Assistant Manager, and we have a lovely new home in the heart of San Francisco.

From top: Cynthia, our Heidelberg cylinder press, on a flat bed truck; being lowered by a forklift; Pat, our rigger, driving the forklift; the Heidelberg windmills (Karen, Peter, and John Wayne) in place for wiring; Toast and Jillian of Because We Can with Jennifer, our head printer; Mark, who helped with the rigging, showing off his tattoos; Greg, our mechanic, who also helped with the rigging; our new space at 977 Howard Street beginning to fill up with boxes of letterpress printed cards; our old space near the end of our move.