National Stationery Show - Yum!

Pie Bird PressPie Bird Press 2 Well, better late than never! Herewith, in bite-size chunks, is our coverage of the National Stationery Show.

One of our favorite booths was Hannah's of Pie Bird Press. Her approach to creating her gorgeous 3- and 4-color letterpress cards is refreshingly unique - each design starts as a linoleum block print, which she translates into letterpress. Hannah demonstrates a DIY version of her technique in our forthcoming book, Handmade Hellos. Her images of chocolates, beets, cherries, popsicles and bundt cakes are so yummy we want to eat them up!

Motormouth PressMotormouth Press

Speaking of yummy, who could resist Motormouth Press's candy shop booth? We sure couldn't. We especially loved the ice cream sandwiches. Mmmm!