Make Diamonds History!

Jewels by Count Alexander Shop Window

We admit it; we're complete magpies but we defy anyone to walk past the shop window of Jewels by Count Alexander in Islington without stopping, jaw dropping slowly, to gaze at the fantastic, glittering display set before you.

Marie Antoinette Sapphire and Diamond necklace

The shop is full of the most enchanting pieces made by Count Alexander von Beregshasy, each faithfully copied from originals worn by various members of European royalty or aristocracy such as Marie-Antoinette's sapphire necklace (above) or Grand Duchess Vladimir's tiara (below).

Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara

We can't think of a better way to turn a bride into a fairytale princess - or a frog into Prince Charming if bought for his very own Cinderella!

Jewels by Count Alexander: No. 13 The Mall Antiques Arcade, 359 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0PD

Open every day except Mondays