Abigail Brown

abigailbrownbirds.jpg We are huge fans of Abigail Brown, one of the artists who contributed to our upcoming book from Chronicle Books, Handmade Hellos (in bookstores in September!) and were so excited to hear that she has launched a blog so we can keep up to date on her latest delightful creations.


Her quirky birds are so charming and full of amusing character...love the color palette - it reminds us of an especially delicious cupcake!


Wall art that would be so fanastic in a nursery...the little fox with the one crazy eye is hilarious!


Matchbox Tweeters! Each Tweeter tucked into in his own little vintage match box, decorated with bits of fabric and stitching...

Bostwick P Federhut

The gentleman pictured above is so very appropriately named Bostwick P. Federhut. Seriously, the tiny turquoise hat and upturned snout is just too much! You can shop for more darling critters and more at her etsy shop...