Wedding Registry - Beyond Towels from Macy's

Vintage SilverwareUtopia pitcher For those of you who are looking for a way to register for groovy, electic items you'd never find at Macy's, we just came across - this website has a handy little tool that you drop into your bookmarks toolbar that allows you to add anything from any online store to your wedding registry.

Bird Terrine

If, say, you'd rather fabulous vintage silverware, Scottish blankets, and colorful glasses from ReFound Objects, than the standard fare, this website is genius!  Pottery from Jonathan Adler and dishes from Anthropologie, anyone?  Unique table top pieces (like these bird terrines) from Mothology or glamorous finds from Jayson Home & Garden? Also, you have the option of adding cash as a gift by setting up a cash gift fund (no longer will you have to figure out a non-tacky way to ask for money for your dream honeymoon or towards the down payment you're working on for that house!)

Pressed Glass

Vintage Scottish Blankets

If you like to balance out your karma with some charitable works (we know how difficult it is not to loose control with that little scanner thingy they give you over at Williams-Sonoma - it makes such a satisfying noise!), we also recently came across Global Giving via A Practical Wedding which allows you to create an easy-to-use registry for donations to good causes all around the world.