scrap2.jpg We took a quick field trip to Scrap last week - another fantastic reason to live in the Bay Area. Scrap (Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts) is a haven for crafters. All their material is donated, so you never know what you are going to find. The idea is to provide art materials at a low cost both to encourage creativity and to prevent our overcrowded landfills from becoming even worse. There are piles of fabric, yarn, paper, household items, and building materials available.


The inventory changes constantly, so it's a new treasure hunt every time! Some of our discoveries included tiny vases, fabric and decorative metal ornaments.


Our favorite finds were needlepoint holders, perfect for displaying vintage fabric scraps, lace or a cute print.



834 Toland Street

San Francisco, CA 94124


Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9-5