Namebirdie logo We just came across NameBirdie on ritzybee and felt we had to spread the word!  Getting married is fun and all, but there are certain elements that are, frankly, a real drag.  Paperwork is right up there on our list (ok, well, Sabrina and I grew up with a dad who was a bureaucrat with the U.S. Government and spent a lot of time as kids "playing" with old forms and such, so I secretly sort of love filling out forms (sick, I know), but, boy, do I hate looking for the right forms to fill out!)

Easy as 1,2,3

NameBirdie is a brilliant service that allows you to change your name in a fabulous, no hassle, stress free way for the bargain price of $24.95 or $29.95 for their super fancy package.  Normally, a name change involves an attorney (expensive!) or collecting a myriad of forms and getting them all filled out properly.  With NameBirdie, it takes no time at all, and their service even creates notification letters to your banks, credit card companies and so on. Brilliant, genius idea!  Plus, though not as cute as some tarty lingerie from Agent Provocateur, they offer gift cards that make a fantastic bridal shower gift!  They are also doing a giveaway via ritzybee which you can enter here.  We heart them!