Learning the Letters

remington_9646.jpg In a never ending effort to increase our stationery geekiness, a couple of us made our initial foray on a quest to learn calligraphy. With the help of the talented Michele Papineau of Papineau Calligraphy (the go-to specialist for all H!L calligraphy needs) we learned the basics of letterforms, angles, and some tricks of the trade. Michele has been doing calligraphy for over twenty years - her work has been featured in Elegant Bride, Martha Stewart Living and Cooking Light among others.


Her Oakland studio is full of beautiful calligraphed wedding invitations, handlettered  poems and a vast array of pens, nibs, inks and paints.


Michele showed us some basic letters - she made it look so easy!


Calligraphy is definitely a lot harder than it looks. It's going to take a bit more practice for the rest of us!


Thanks for all your help Michele!