Vintageous Dresses

Blue Chiffon Dress While were on the topic of things vintage, we have to confess our obsession with Vintageous. We love their selection of vintage dresses and accessories, and while shopping there takes patience (especially for those of us that don't have, ahem, a 20-inch waist!), it's completely addictive and there are some amazing gems to be found!

Vintageous Pink DressVintageous Blue Dress

It's the perfect place to troll for bridesmaid's dresses, like these beauties!

Black DressYellow Sun DressGrey Cocktail Dress

We also love vintage dresses for their daring use of color; okay, some of the colors (puce, bubble gum pink) are a little dated, but there are some like this cute gingham number and this fab teal print, that'll never go out of style:

Red GinghamTeal & Cobalt Dress

Of course there are also great vintage dresses to be found at flea markets and on ebay. Here are a couple looks we're loving from ebay seller Red House Vintage, on sale now! The gunmetal blue wrap dress is calling our name...!

Redhouse Vintage Wrap DressRedhouse Vintage Cocktail Dress

We find that the 40's and 50's are the best for fun (and figure-flattering) party dresses, but we gotta admit we love the 60's  70's this amazing Sarmi dress from Vintageous:

Sarmi Evening Gown FrontSarni Evening Gown Back

A couple of quick tips for shopping vintage:

- Find a seller whose taste you like and keep going back. Half the battle is picking through the duds (and the gorgeous dresses that were made for midgets!); working with a seller who has a great eye and selection let's you get to the good stuff more quickly.

- Get a good tailor. Even the best vintage garb will need little alteration to fit perfectly. It's worth spending an extra $20 or $30 getting it to fit just right - after all, the dress itself is usually a steal compared to current designer fashions!

Happy shopping!