Bazaar Bizarre!

Hello!Lucky This weekend we were peddling our wares over at Bazaar Bizarre, a fabulous (and busy!) art & craft fair sponsored by Craft Magazine.  There were over 100 vendors selling all sorts of handmade goods from the lovely to the hilarious.


Piperoid was at the next table over with their fantastic DIY paper robot.  They come flat packed in these ingenious little kits that require only a pair of scissors!


More robotic goodness...

I Love Guts!

I Heart Guts was there - they always amuse with their adorable plush innards, hilarious t-shirts and other gut-related goodies.  One of our favorite items was the "When Urine in Love" t-shirt sporting two perky kidneys mooning over each other.  Silliness is always so satisfying!

Awesome Crab Necklance

Eunice got this awesome crab necklace from our next door neighbor, The Brown Banana -  Gabriel Colaluca, proprietor of the Brown Banana makes all kinds of fabulous-one-of-kind jewelery from recycled materials such as watch faces, silverware, Scrabble pieces and more.

Bananasaurus Rex

Bananasaurus Rex

Another member of the banana family, BananaSaurus Rex, had adorable reversable bibs, gorgeous totes, wine wraps and more, all made from vintage tablecloths and the like and were handing out free lavender sachets with purchase, to boot!

Dutch Door

Dutch Door

The always inspiring Mara and Anna from Dutch Door Press had a wide array of beautiful things for sale - our favorite was their new series of prints of birds and flora from all 50 states (this is a new release and so far only California, Illinois and New York are available here, but we can't wait to see them all!)

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Being knitting junkies, we couldn't resist purchasing some hand-dyed yarn from A Verb for Keeping Warm (despite our ever growing collection of unfinished projects and piles of yarn yet to be used!) The colors were so enticing, the voice of reason was immediately stamped out in favor of a couple of skeins of "Pink Octopus". If you're in the Bay Area, they are opening their new shop in Berkeley on December 6th!

Nous Savons

Jocelyn Nguyen of Nous Savons had (as usual) a fabulous selection of jewelery, hair pieces, and clothing.  The Nous Savons aestheic can be summed up with these words: Like wandering in your crazy great-aunt's attic. Fabulous.

Sarah Adler

We also stopped by to visit the talented Sarah Adler of Hearts & Anchors.  Her whimsical, victorian-inspired notes (available here) are always a favorite of ours!  She is also one of the contributors to our new book, Handmade Hellos!  We were thrilled to see that the books were selling like hotcakes!