Gifts for Guys!

Guys are notoriously tough to shop for, so we thought we'd round up some gift ideas for the boys! (We never shy away from a challenge!) Here are a few things we thought were cool, amusing, useful, or otherwise covetable. Audio Stuff

We don't know a single guy who doesn't have some level of audio fixation...

Ipod Grammaphone

The iPod Gramaphone $395 Pretty pricey, but sooooo cool...

lego ipod dock

Building Block iPod Dock $60

Wood Radio

Areaware Magno Wooden Radio $275 mp3 compatible and made with sustainable wood.

Ipod Wooden Case

iWood for the iPhone (also available for iTouch and iPod!) $100

Spiff It Up

In the words of ZZ Top, every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man...

Anchor Hankerchief

Anchors Away! Pocket Square $14.00

Cabin in the Woods Cufflinks

Cabin in the Woods Cufflinks $25

Space Invader Cufflinks

Space Invader Cufflinks $70 Relive the '80's in style.

Wood Grain Wallet

Evergreen wallet $125

Map Tie

Topographical Error Tie $30

Ebony Razor

Edwin Jagger Razor $86 This razor made in England by Edwin Jagger isn't just an ordinary shaving tool, but an elegant reminder of the ages-old art of a good and proper shave.

Redwing Boot

Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots $298 Red Wing Shoes recreated these boots from a 1953 ad for J.Crew. Super cool vintage style.

Instant Button!

Instant Button $1.50 Admittedly equivalent to receiving a pair of white tube socks for Christmas, but how genius is this? It's a stick on button that (according to the packaging) will stay on for 30 washes and it actually buttons! Perhaps a candidate for a stocking stuffer...

Weapons Tee

Weapons T-shirt $20

This kid doodle inspired collection of weapons range from the practical whatever's-around kind such as rubberbands, a broken bottle, a cast-iron skillet, an ice pick and a brick to the made-to-kill-and-mame kind such as a sawn-off shotgun, a kitana, a mace and a sling-shot. Hilarious.

Whale Buckle

Whale Belt Buckle $54 Super cool on. Check out their other styles too - we especially like the pirate ship, feather, and erm, beaver (raised eyebrow and smirk) options.

Other Stuff

Stencil Kit Book

Stencil 101 $24.95

Compensation for Missing Limbs

Compensation for Missing Limbs Poster $20 Who can put a price on the leg that's been replaced by a wooden peg? This poster sets the standard for compensation for limbs lost via treacherous sailing incidents and other mishaps. One of a series of brilliant posters by Office. Plus, the purchase of this poster benefits 826 Valencia, a fantastic writing center for kids (and pirate supply shop - we recommend pairing this poster with a tin of Mermaid Bait or Repellant, or possibly a handy bottle of Scurvy Begone). A great gift and the spreading of Christmas spirit in one fell swoop!

Princess Lea

Princess Lea Limited Edition Lithograph $49.99

We don't know a guy who doesn't have a thing for Star Wars, or at least the hots for Princess Lea!

Ash Yo-yo

Ash Yo-Yo $30

Snake Bike Lock

Snake Bike Lock $34 Ssss..step away from my bicycle!! A super snazzzzy serpent friend!

Quaff Pack

Custom Beer Carrier $20. For the beer aficionado, have a custom beer carrier made, engraved with an image of your choice!


Catapult $10 (ok, this might be pushing the envelope in terms of ridiculous gifts, but it made us accidentally snort, so we had to include it!)