Happy holidays, and hang in there!

 Season’s Greetings Lab Partners What a bizarre holiday season it's turning out to be! On the one hand, we're feeling festive and nostalgic, and looking forward to spending time with friends and family. This darling card by Lab Partners sums it up!

Hang in there Monkey

And on the other, there's the unrelenting news of layoffs and belt-tightening affecting some of our nearest and dearest. We're torn about which of these cards to send...maybe we'll just send both!

(Inside joke about this Sock Monkey card - the Y-front underpants are a reference to the British expression "Pants!" which means both underwear and, loosely, "Darn!"- when something is going poorly, it's "pants.")

So happy holidays, everyone, and hang in there! And to help out, check back here tomorrow for an exclusive deal on our cards and gifts via Daily Candy.