London Paper! Read all about it!

London Paper We are always so happy to see our stocklists in London featured in the press - especially when they display one of our cards - and so it was with much delight that we came across this article from the shopping pages of The London Paper - a newspaper that is given away to commuters to ease the tedium of those homeward tube, train and bus journeys.  Alex Stacey, founder of online stationery boutique Papergrain, is fast proving what we knew all along - that there is a market for beautiful cards and paper and, moreover, that the art of letter writing and thoughtful correspondence is far from being a dying one.  We simply adore her beautiful selection of greeting cards and thank-you notes and a visit to her online boutique should keep you well-stocked on stylish and suitable cards for every occasion.  She even has a good selection of discounted Christmas cards at the moment for all of you obscenely efficient people looking to get ahead of the curve for 2009!

London Paper detail

Our Snail thank you card! Hurrah!