one girl cookies (mmm...cookies!)

 We are totally enamored of One Girl Cookies (oh, if only we could live on cupcakes and hot cocoa with handmade marshmallows...)  They have an adorable shop in Brooklyn, and for those of us not fortunate enough to be able to pop by for an afternoon cappuccino and pointy cupcake, they ship! (well, maybe not the cappucino). shop2

The walls (and their bakery boxes) are decorated with family portraits.



70’s cake!

Remember those awesome sheet cakes from the 70's shaped like teddy bears, Darth Vader, Care Bears  (like the Barbie cake where the cake was a giant skirt with Barbie stuck in the middle of it?), covered with delicious blobs of frosting?  That's what this reminds us of! Perhaps we just have glorified memories of such cakes, since our mother was prone to making healthy (ish) desserts like carrot cake - delicious, but just not the giant sugar bomb one craves as a child!

mini cupcakes

So delicate!  These would be great in a dessert bar. So cute in their stripey wrappers.

cakes and concept boards

Love the cheery colors...a fun take on your standard wedding cake!

mini cakes

They make favors such as this cute, individually boxed, mini cakes

Animal Cake

Hilarious and adorable animal cookie encrusted cake.

cappucino and hot chocolate

Coveting the retro coffee cup, and oh, that marshmallow....dreamy!

Licking the Table

This photo says it all...