We've always been enormous fans of the whimsical style of Northern European childrens' clothes, toys and the general aesthetic, love anything that falls into the realm of fairy tales, and, of course, are mad for crafting.  Thus, when we stumbled across Juju (via Frolic!), we're were immediately obsessed. Dishtowel Table

Our Finnish is a little rusty (erm, that is, non-existent), but we gather that there are two books, Juju and Maja, that are filled with brilliant and creative ways to create wonderful things for children.  The books seem to emphasize being creative when choosing materials, as in this fabulous ruffled table cloth that appears to be made from dishclothes...


Maja is a book filled with adorable and amusing things for children.  Love this fabulous stage? Boat? Sigh, if only we understood Finnish - whatever it is, it clearly sparks the imagination!

Leaf Room

How fabulous would it be to grow up in a room that has been transformed into a quirky forest?  Love the mushroom stools...

Butterfly Mobile

This butterfly mobile is so gorgeous and looks like it would be a piece of cake to make!

Animal Butts

Ideas for animal costumes?  So much fun!  Especially love the hilarious racoon/Cheshire Cat/Lemur tail...


Juju has instructions for adorable children's clothes for everyday life, for weekdays and Sundays, for mundane and festive events. Projects include an apron for a novice artist, gown for a maiden or wings for a fairy. The designs are meant to be easy to make with a wonderful result.

Lime Skirt

Love this skirt that appears to be made from cute fabric and a scrap of lace (perhaps a bit of curtain, in the spirit of using random found bits?)

Girl in Cup

The quirky photography is fantastic as well...

Girl Out Window

So genius!  Sigh, we heart these books, even if we can't understand a word!