Collectibles = Seating Cards

Chez Larsson chair collection The other weekend we watched Rachel Getting Married, and while the movie was a downer we were inspired by how they used eclectic collectibles as seating cards, each tagged with the guest's name. (Note: seating cards direct wedding guests to their tables, and are typically displayed on a table at the reception, creating the perfect opportunity to display a collection; they can also double as favors). This made us think of all the possibilities that could come from this idea! First off, miniature modern chairs, as in "please be seated" - available in different styles on eBay and via dollhouse miniature shops (photo via Chez Larsson's Flickr photostream)

Glass figurines

We also love the idea of using glass figurines, arranged by color (with each color corresponding to a different table).

Pez collection

Pez dispensers would be so perfect, again arranged by color (both photos above via Chez Larsson).

Tiny Cakes

Or how about tiny cakes and pastries from dollhouse supply shops (the ones above are from Small Portions)? Just about any small collectible item (from match boxes to match cars) could work, and make for a fabulous display.