Wee Birdy = Queen of Craft!

Year’s supply of cards Thanks to Wee Birdy, one of our favorite bloggers, who's been guest blogging over at Oola Moola, for sharing her amazing feat of crafting 35 cards in 1 day (and for only £20)!! Several of them were from our book, Handmade Hellos!

Owly Friend

Check out the hilarious in-process shots of her Owl-y Friend card by Petra Boase...

Owl-y Friend

...and the amazing results!!

Paper Portrait Card

Ms. Birdy also made the Paper Portrait card by La Familia Green.

Paper Portrait Card 2

Check it out! We love it, including the tiny nostrils!!

Birdy, you are a crafting queen! Welcome to the fold, grasshopper!

See more of Wee Birdy's feats of crafting endeavor here and here.