Jennifer Osner Vintage Ribbon

Satin Ribbon First of all, apologies to our readers for the infrequency of our posts of late! We've been busy preparing for Eunice's wedding (our amazingly talented creative director!), which takes place next week and is inspired by the photography of Tim Walker. Stay tuned for coverage in an upcoming issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and look for behind the scenes details of all the crazy crafting we've been up to on the Martha Stewart blog!

Satin Ribbon 2

K, so now that's out the way, we have to share on our favorite new finds: Jennifer Osner!

Vintage velvet ribbon

Jennifer started out as a ribbon sales rep years ago and has been collecting gorgeous vintage ribbons and trims for years now (sometimes buying out entire warehouses that have gone out of business!). The other week we went to her home in San Francisco to pore over bankers' boxes stacked floor-to-ceiling in her garage, each one containing spools upon spools of gorgeous vintage ribbons (and that's just the tip of the iceberg - she has more in her warehouse(s))!

Black and White ribbon

Love this black and white striped one!

Yellow striped ribbon

And how 'bout this preppy yellow stripe?

Green satin ribbons

Many of her ribbons are displayed in vintage sales books like this one - you can pick out your color and width and place an order from the book.

Colorful satin ribbons

She has just about every color and texture imaginable!

Millinery flowers

She also has lots of gorgeous millinery bits, like these red velvet flowers (perfect as embellishments in a bouquet or boutonniere!)

Antique Lace

And these gorgeous pieces of antique lace. Hello, ring pillow?!

Jennifer travels around the country selling her ribbons at craft fairs, but you can also purchase some of her items on her website. Or, make an appointment to see her next time you're in the Bay Area. Just be prepared to spend several hours -- there's a lot to see...