Tin Can Wedding Invitations

Tin Can wedding invitation We spotted this lovely and ingenious wedding invitation by Greek designer Chris Trivaz today via Lovely Package.  We just love it!

Tin Can Wedding Invitation 2

Being invitation designers and crafters, however, our imaginations started churning re: how you might make these and incorporate them into the rest of the wedding design!

Ranunculous Tin Cans

Plain tin cans are so beautiful and graphic that we can totally see using them as vessels for pretty flowers (photo via D.S. Brennan)

Red tin cans

We can also envision spray painting the cans in vibrant colors, and even and stenciling them with simple initials or a graphic pattern. (via Peapods photo stream)

Baker’s Twine

Colorful baker's twine would work in lieu of the kraft twine (via School Locker)

Decorated Tin Can

Or how about designing a pretty vintage-inspired label to wrap around the can, like so? Could be so cute! Photo from here.

Just married car

Regardless, we love the concept - and it would be so fun and interactive to have guests tie them on during cocktail hour!  Photo from here.